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International tariff for posmalaysia

For those who are interested in purchasing
1. Vitamin c and collagen injection by Roche Platinum
2. Tationil (glutathione) by Bayer From us, here are the international tariff. Please view our previous post as well for more information abt the courrier service.

Singapore (4)- Halal Food for Ramadhan- Singaporean Hotels

Call it buka puasa, breaking fast or iftar. It is the time in Ramadhan where Muslims honestly splurge to it. If you think once a month is a reason. This is a reason for a weekly feast. It is easy to do that in Malaysia, but not very in Singapore.

So for that, I am giving you the list of hotels that offer Iftars.

1. Carousel @ Royal Scotts Hotel
Tel: +6567377966
Usually, the come up with Taste of Spain theme during this holy month of Ramadan. Buffet for dinner is SGD$70-90.

2. Tiffany @ Furama City Centre Hotel
405 Havelock Rd  Singapore 169633
Tel +6563338898  
Their price for the iftar is SGD$ 60-70

3. Kintamani Indonesia Restaurant @ Furama Riverfront Hotel
Tel: +6567396463
Their price is SGD$50-60 and that include a free flow of the irrestible Es Bandung.

4. Straits Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt Hotel.
TEL:    +6567381234, 
It serves International Buffet
5. Asian Market Cafe @ Fairmont Singapore.
80 Bras Basah Rd
It serves a Asian Buffet

6. Aquamarine @ …

Singapore Trip (3) - Halal Makan Places in Universal Studios Singapore

Some of us are happy eating in lard- free, pork free eating places, but some may be more particular - wanting to see the HALAL stamp at the entrance of the outlets.

Universal Studios Singapore is the place that tourists MUST go when they are in Singapore. It's good news now that   you don't have to just eat popcorn and drink or pack sandwiches and food simply because you can't buy them anywhere. Most of their food outlets are Halal

                                                              (courtesy of Google)

Goldilocks Restaurant di Far Far Away Castle
Friar's Restaurant di Far Far Away Castle
Marty's Casa De Wild Restaurant di Madagascar
Celebrity Cafe & Bakery di Hollywood City
Mel's Drive In Restaurant at Hollywood City
Oasis Spice Cafe, Ancient City

Food prices are affordable, as long as you don't try to convert every meal that  you eat :)

Hope this helps your trip to USS!
Owh , don't forget to bring an umbrella, sunglasses, bottled water, or you ca…

Singapore Trip- (2) Halal Makan Places

About 10- 20 years ago, it was very difficult to find Halal eating places in Singapore in commercial areas unless you go to a Muslim populated community- i.e. Geylang, Arab Street, Seranggoon Road.
I remember going to Singapore as a kid, where we were eating in Burger Kings and Mc Donald's only along Orchard Road and Sentosa Island. We didn't want to go out of the way and waste money on unnecessary cab fare then head back to Orchard.
So over the past 5 years, going up and down in Singapore  has become easier for us. Simply because they've realized that despite all the attractions they have, the average muslim tourist would rather go to Indonesia or Singapore to holiday as food was never gonna be a problem. Bloggers have also emerged recommending places and giving reviews of the places they have been to.

A variety Halal makan places can be seen on this website. The blogger has even categorized the food outlets according to districts. In fact, they even have recommendations for…

Singapore trip- (1) Shopping

It was a very short trip, and with thoughts of unwinding and doing it little bit of shopping. In case you guys didn't know, it is school holidays now in Singapore together with Summer Sales! With discounts up to 70 percent, the malls are filled with people.

ESPRIT had a wide range of clothes on sale. So did Marks and Spencers. You can get a pair of jeans for Sing 30. The biscuits were also on sale. Didn't really check the prices in Malaysia, but comparing with London prices about a month ago, the same blouse in Singapore is RM200 more. Even the milk chocolate digestive biscuits here were 3 x more expensive. In London, it was only 99p.

For those Cotton On lovers, I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with range of products on offer. Clothes, shoes, undergarments, stationary the etc. FOREVER 21 was not disappointing as well. As for the more branded products like GUCCI, PRADA, COACH, none were on sale. As for Uniqlo, it is about the same price as the branch  in K…

Makan Reviews Sate Samuri Kajang

My next makan journey is to endure in sate. One if the Malaysian food that people usually forget about. They say the best is sate Samuri and for that, you shouldn't just go to their branches. You should go to where it all first started - Kajang
I have been to their branches in Bangi, Senawang and Awan Besar and the concept is pretty much the same. Unlike other usual restaurants. This restaurant do not have waiters to wait for your order. Instead you queue up. Order, pay and bring ur own ketupat and  peanut sauce to the table. Imagine Mc Donalds and KFC. Then ur drinks come later on, the sate comes a few minutes later. But because the service is really fast, unlike the other fast food joints, I get cold food. Simply because it is already ready I guess. the Awan the Besar and Bangi branch serves fresh sate by the way. The reason that I wanted to go to the main branch is t find out if the beef here will be more tender, service to be more humane, and the greatness of this main branc…

Makan Review- Naili's , Sentul

How everyone. Today, I am going to review another makan place that I have been to. 
Found the place while reading other people's review of their experience there. Since it was quite pleasant and everybody was talking about their 'garden' / 'forest' concept, I simply had to go!

How to get there?

This are the directions for those who are not very familiar with Sentul area.
Basically get onto Jalan Sentul Pasar. Go straight down until you see a Petronas station on your right. At that traffic light, make a right turn, then at that junction make another right. Naili's isjust around the corner. Enough parking spaces for about 5 cars just outside the place. 

Anyway if instructions are difficult to follow, just key in Jalan Dato Senu, Sentul on the GPS- but it will be a bit tricky.


It is a tempat makan dalam taman. There are so many different sections to choose from, you have a formal, semi formal and also an informal setting. My cousins loved the concept where the…

Makan in Bangsar! Devi Restaurant

Devi's is located in Bangsar, Telawi area, a very convenient place to makan makan before hitting the bars and pubs, or a place to chill anytime. I go there either in the morning or nights. Food is always fresh, affordable, polite and fast service- everything you look for in a makan place.

In the mornings, I normally order their paper thosai with dhaal. Paper thosai is of course made fresh and it is very crispy. The chaadni is amazing, including the dhaal. I dunno about you guys, but I prefer a thicker dhaal then the runny ones. More to grab when eating with fingers. Plus I don't like my thosai to turn up all soggy. Refills for chaadni and dhaal is free. My friends also love the kuey tiow goreng ayam here. They are generous with the chiclen, unlike the mamak stall chains.The teh tarik isn't the best in KL but definitely good enuff to come order it again. They also have nasi lemak banana leaf here placed on the tables. So it you can't wait for your order, just have a nasi…