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Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Wear To A Wedding!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You may think this is quite a ridiculous post. How can someone not know what to wear to a wedding. Afterall, people have been to way too many weddings to make mistakes. Bear in mind, you might be wrong. Some of the don’t s can easily be related to someone you saw at the party :).

1. DO NOT wear a tiara
No guest, not even if you are the bride's sister, her best friend or even her mother. Please, the party is not about you today. The only one who gets to wear the tiara, is the bride.

2. DO NOT wear black.
Yes, the "LBD" is the most essential part of the wardrobe and it is the dress that you can never go wrong with for a formal occasion. But, please a wedding party is not the place to wear it to. The colour Black is mostly associated with mourning rather than elegance at such joyous function.

3. DO NOT wear a tux.
Unless you are being invited to one of those elite parties with black-tie affairs.

4. DO NOT wear out dated costumes.
Some people find it am…

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A Doctor's Poem

Prayer to the Ancestors
O heavenly ancestors, Shower me with you eternal wisdom, As i tread this treacherous path, Venturing into horizons anew, For I am, Uninitiated and unperturbed, Valiant yet vociferous, Quivering but wisfully quiescent, Patient but mortally perishable.
And so I march, These ungodly domains remain in humble sight, And should I fall at my final step, Forsake me not, But resurrect me into your inexisting, Inextinguishable glory.

- Dr AAK-

This poem was written by a dear friend of mine, who is a medical doctor. He writes about his challenges in his daily work in giving the best care to those who want and those who also do not want to be helped. He is so devoted to his profession that he is summarising it all by saying 'Will fight till the end'.

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What We Do Not Know About The Opposite Sex

Just when we think we know a lot about the opposite sex, there are still things that we don't know Not knowing is interesting because you have to figure it out yourself, but not everybody loves to be left to wander.



XOXO, Princess

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Top 10 Things The Youth Of Our Generation Wants!!

What do the young people nowadays equate to success ?

1. Get a glamorous job that pays well

2. Be seen with an iPhone/iPad

3.. Be hip and happening, hopefully the ultimate socialite.

Di mana saya beli tudung atau shawl online

Hari tu untuk wedding brother saye, saye terlampau sibuk untuk bershopping tudung, sampai saya rase,okaylah beli online je lah

So how did I find my tudung yang I suke online. 

1. Type in type of tudung or shawl.
Moon shawl, bawal shawl, satin shawl, princess crown tudung bawal, queen crown tudung bawal, tudung aryani, pearl haya.

2. Type in the colour of the tudung or shawl.

3. Type the following in the google malaysia search and add buy online.
Eg:  Buy tudung bawal  pelangi online.

4. Open the websites listed in the first 10 pages in new tabs.
Eg: radisuite, iluvtudung, jelitasara, zalora,lechantique,bawalovers, mymairacollection.

5. Go through all the websites and look at all the patterns and prices. 
You should do this sebab susah sgt nak cari website yang sebenarnye jual lagi tudung tu. Most of the tudungs would be sold out and you have to pre-order. Some websites will provide free delivery service, while some will charge. So it is important to compare and not just look for one.

6. Look at …

Post wedding review

So finally the  big day is over. Major relief! Not mine though but that of my dear brother.
I cannot say that it was the perfect wedding reception as there was definitely much room for improvement.
I have learnt from a few on how to make my wedding better. I would also like to share what we did to make the wedding smoother.

1. Reserve at least 20 tables
Reserve this seats so that close relatives can sit there without other people sitting at the best seats.

2. Have ushers who "actually" know the crowd
So you should have representatives of different groups of people that you are inviting to usher them in.
Work place-2 couples, Family from both sides-3 couples, Housing area friends- 5 couples, VIP-2 couples.
Their job isnt just to usher in but to also entertain the guests as the groom's parents will not have time to do so.

3. Walkie talkies
A very very useful mode of communication. One held by the MC to know what's going on in front and another by the main coordinator stationed a…