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Ultimate Harlem Shake Compilation 2013

After the PSY fever with Gangnam Style, the next wave is called Harlem Shake.

What is it all about?

Some people started it off in the 1990s. That's when the original song came out. And then people made it popular through Youtube sometime around January 2013. The Navy, Army, Crooks, Middle Eastern People, House Bunnies, even Veterans have joined in this new sensation.

It starts off with one person wearing a helmet or a headgear moving his body in a crowd. Everybody pretends that nothing weird is happening and continues on doing their usual. Once the beat starts, everybody freestyles or do any crazy thing they want to do. When the beat drops, everybody slows down and stops.

Here is a compilation of the best Harlem Shakes around. Check it out!

For you animal lovers, here's a little something something from the Walrus and Sea Lions of the San Antonio's SeaWorld!


Buy Ginkgo to Boost Your Mind?

This topic of conversation came across when a friend of mine  had just come back from the pharmacy with recommendations of buying Ginkgo Capsules. Prior to that, she was already persuaded to buy Garlic Pearls. Because of the persistent recommendations from the pharmacist, she didn't know anymore is this really to help her or is the pharmacy just trying to make money out of her. And another thing that terrified her more was the label outside the "Ginkgo" box that said. "Caution: Might cause bleeding"

As far as I know, Ginkgo is like food to the brain, to make those brain cells more active, for better memory retention, and to prevent dementia. Did not know anything about the bleeding.

I did a little research myself from WebMd. It is quite a reputable website both for layman and medical professionals, especially doctors who want to be able to get their message across in a simpler way to their patients.

Ginkgo is an antioxidant, just like Garlic. It says here that …

Back Treatment Experience- Part 2

I have just gotten back from my 2nd session of the back treatment.

All done in the name of acne scars. The good news is my scars are lightening up  ( also with the help of the Vitamin C and Collagen Injection by Roche)

So I had the usual procedure as the first session, up to the extraction. Then there were other stuffs included in the procedure

1. Aloe Vera Gel- This is suppose to help the skin heal faster and rebuild its layers.
2. Ion Gas- This was like small pricks of current being channeled to the back to reduce the harm done to the skin especially at the areas of extraction and acne areas.
3. She then applied a massaging oil and to release the tension at the shoulder areas and back
4. Once done, like the face, the skin on the back is cleansed, toned and moisturised. I myself am still getting the hang of it. 
5. Then a masque is put on the back, layered with a wrap and was asked to lie down for about an hour till it sinks in.
6.Final step, masque removed, a few more gentle massages and I …

Malaysian Drivers, Which Ones Are You?

More and more people are on the road nowadays compared to 50 years ago. Our parents will tell you ' When we were in school, we used to cycle our way there. There were no buses to school and our parents don't send us to school'.

Yeap. That was way before schools had to come up with a road system just to address the traffic we cause sending our kids to school. And mind you, this is also after some kids are packed in school buses to get there.

Driving or riding a vehicle nowadays is not a privilege, it has become a necessity.

Because everybody needs a car, every person is on the road in one! ( excluding the public transporters of course). So driving schools flog the town, passing everybody who can pass the theory and driving test.
But it is not their fault that we have so many personalities on the road, some to our advantage, but most just give us a hard time. 

The journey to becoming a good driver starts after the test. Yes, I said that!

With many years of driving, not everybody g…



Wendy's American Idol Review


Beyoncé Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show


How to trick people into thinking you're good looking

Have you ever went through YouTube and somehow you end up at a video that you never thought of watching. Well meet Jenna Marbles. I got to her by accident, and this is the second time. The first was early last year. Just for this particular video alone, she has gain more than 10 million viewers.

Did a little research  myself. Prior to this video, she has had several other YouTube accounts of which she tapes herself, but none were a success. In fact, this video has made her current account a known YouTube name.



aMeRiCaN IdOL--- YaY or Nay

American Idol is back with  Season 12! That means it has been around for 12 Freaking years.

I remember the first time we had our own Malaysian Idol which only lasted for 1 season.

AI has changed judges for a few times, and the batch of judges are now
Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson. Randy is the only remaining original judge on the show. I do not know how they have decided on the 3 other judges but I'm guessing a lot of research has gone in to agreeing to invite these :


Been around in the industry for a more than 20 years. Watched her changed from a proportionate shy looking girl to this voluptuous I'd-like-to-show-off-my-assets lady. She has been quiet from the industry for a few years, concentrating on building a family with Nick Cannon. She's given birth to a set of twins Roc&Roe. No recent albums. Recent news are only about the babies, her husband, her family live, her anniversary. 

On set:
She looks like the one who is being attacked…

Jadual Gaji 2013

Ramai orang still tak tahu bila gaji akan keluar untuk setiap bulan.

It is very important untuk kita take note sebab boleh lah kite buat budgeting untuk the whole year!

Bile agak2 boleh shopping barang mahal2 sikit, bile boleh dapat lebih duit untuk pergi melancong or beli kereta baru or melabur

Hope this helps in your financial planning!