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Kim K and Kanye W- Baby Bump


Smurf's Village

I didn't grow up watchign Smurfs so much. It wasn't even in the list of top 10 favourite cartoons. I found the game Smurf Village by accident through the Android's Play Store. I was definitely looking for a mind- training game, that takes into account planning and strategies, but battle combat kinda stuff wasn't my thing anymore.

I have played Bakery Story, Sally's Salon and even Farmville on Facebook. Sally's Salon got me hooked up for quite a while until I completed it, and replaying it became boring. Bakery Story- no fun. In fact whenever I play it I get hungry thinking of desserts. Farmville was by the most addicting game for me. I wake up in the middle of the night to plant and harvest and adding new friends, even gave my account details to a friend to do the planting and harvesting for me while I was at work. Realising how hooked up I was, I decided to stop. ( Despite all those sleepless nights, I wasn't levelling up as fast).

So after a year of stopp…

Halal Dim Sum Review

Dim Sum is gaining it's popularity among the Muslims. Initially Chinese food was the road less travelled for most Muslims fearing the 'halal'-ness of the food. Now Halal Chinese shops can easily survive the market. I was first introduced to dim sum at 11 years old. Totally loved it. We siblings would crave for it like crazy. The thing is before, dim sum means dressing up to go to the hotel, because those were the only places that served halal food. Now it is everywhere, especially with the growing population of people living in multiracial families and communities. We somehow need a place to gather, and dim sum is a must delicacy.

I'm gonna be reviewing to restaurants that are famous for it's dim sum in KL. One located in Bukit Kiara- the China Treasures in Sime Darby Convention Centre and the other near KLCC- Minmax Restaurant.


1. Not difficult to find, a household name for most KL-ites, especially the elite.

My Second Hand Stuff Online

You know how people have been talking about make money from your second hand stuff that you own, and then buy new stuff?

Well, I don't think making money can be done, but claiming a fraction of your money is possible.

At the end of last year, while searching for cheap shoes online to wear for  a wedding, I came across a website where Malaysians sell, swap their second hand clothes and accessories.
It is called FriendlyFashion. How is it better than buying stuff from Ebay or Lelong or Mudah?

FF consists of a group of people who are into fashion, who want to change their style and spend less money doing it. Instead of getting brand new things, they opt for pre loved or DIY items advertised by other people. These people are trustworthy because like Ebay, people can comment and like the user's profile. It is also a community oriented site, where people have discussions and forums. So, I am more attracted to have business with people who can be seen as genuine.

Pictures are very cle…

Electricity? Plan your budget.

Below some information that you can check and investigate your consumption. Reduce electricity consumption will reduce your monthly bill cost. Please bare in mind, using high efficient low consumption home appliance will help cutting your bill. Let see where is our electricity come from.

Information below is copied from TNB website just for knowledge sharing.

There are opportunities to improve the efficiency of electricity used in the house. Wise and efficient use of electricity can conserve energy, save money and assist in protecting the environment. The primary method is to analyse electricity use and where it can be used more efficiently and comfortably controlled. REFRIGERATOR
Watt/Watt: 1200 watt
Diguna/Usage: 24 jam sehari/hr per day
Kos Operasi/Operation Cost: RM 2.05 sehari/per day TELEVISION
Watt/Watt: 150 watt
Diguna/Usage: 5 jam sehari/hr per day
Kos Operasi/Operation Cost: 4.27 sen sejam/per hrAIR CONDITIONER
Watt/Watt: 750 watt
Diguna/Usage: 7 jam sehari/hr per day
Kos …

Wondermilk Cupcakes

It has been months since I've been craving for cupcakes. I am a big fan of desserts. I can go on for weeks without a proper balanced meal. My dessert can substitue my meals. I memang suka sangat chocolates, ice cream and cakes. I would go to great lengths just to taste the best! That's how much dessert mean to me.

So finally I pun pergi to taste the supposedly best cupcakes in town. So I downloaded this Android App on my phone, called Cafes in KL. It lists down most cafes, with it's branches' addresses.

After lunch, I decided I'd go to Wondermilk in Publika. Mind you, I have not been to Wondermilk in my life, never tasted their cupcakes and do not know how the cupcakes actually look like. But I know there is this craze that comes with their cupcakes.

I pun pergilah kat Wondermilk. Mase sampai, quite terkejut la sebab die kecik je. I thought I salah tempat.
Then I saw the cupcakes. I had always imagine the cupcakes would be bigger. Bukan minicupcakes.
There were at …