My Second Hand Stuff Online

You know how people have been talking about make money from your second hand stuff that you own, and then buy new stuff?

Well, I don't think making money can be done, but claiming a fraction of your money is possible.

At the end of last year, while searching for cheap shoes online to wear for  a wedding, I came across a website where Malaysians sell, swap their second hand clothes and accessories.
It is called FriendlyFashion. How is it better than buying stuff from Ebay or Lelong or Mudah?

FF consists of a group of people who are into fashion, who want to change their style and spend less money doing it. Instead of getting brand new things, they opt for pre loved or DIY items advertised by other people. These people are trustworthy because like Ebay, people can comment and like the user's profile. It is also a community oriented site, where people have discussions and forums. So, I am more attracted to have business with people who can be seen as genuine.

Pictures are very clear and the descriptions are generally well prepared. Even the moderators are very active in determining if users are trying to sell something other than what is allowed. So you know you won't be flooded with spam. People are so helpful that they even post stuff like ' Where to get cheap braces done'!

Another aspect that I love about this site is that the live up to their name 'Friendly'. The moderators have developed an app for Android and Apple users to be informed of the latest items on sale/ swap. The community is also connected through Facebook and Twitter. Here they also continue to advertise your items or any latest news and offers.

Join our Community and Benefit from It!

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