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Free TV series and Anime

Being Malaysian ( proud of it), all of us look for either the stores with the biggest sales or the one that displays, 'Buy One Free One'. We even pay for pirated DVDs and we know we need to search for Blue Ray to get the best quality of piracy. The ones that can find good quality ones online however end up not paying at all.

I found my series through from  'certain sources' which are actually quite well known. All you need to do is just join a few forums and you wil find out. ( I cannot list the sites because I do not want to be a subject of cyber law or something)

These are the ones that I continuously follow:

TV Series

Breaking Bad
Two and a half men
How I met your mother

The big bang theory
Modern Family
Game of thrones
Jane By Design


Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Polwer Ninden


The ultimate spiderman
The Avengers
Upin Ipin

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Fousey Tube

This is a guy brought up in the Middle Eastern way in the United States of America and now is a YouTube sensation

He started of making jokes about his own people. Just like how Russel Peters made his fame making funny jokes about the Indians, and then when he was more comfortable he moved on to making other jokes about everybody else.

Fousey is a name spelt backwards from his real name- Yesouf. I first came across his video when I was looking for  "S**t Asians Girls Say", "S**t Parents Say", "S**t Arabs Say", "S**t Nigerians Say".
It was really funny the first few videos then I decided to start subscribing to his channel

Shit Middle Eastern Guys Say
It is also a plus point that he is a cute bloke, and has got a great body, and has no problems making fun of himself

Shit Middle Eastern Girls Say
 Middle Eastern Parents- Ep. 1

I hope I have managed ot make more people fall in love with FouseyTube!!


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What Do You Play On Your Wedding

If your answer is I don't know or I am not sure. Here is the guideline

1. Do your homework
 It is very important that if you want to have a live band, you hire a good band, not just looking at the latest promotion. Visit the band's website. Do not just look at what they have done but also look at the comments posted from the customers who have hired them.

2. Play safe
If you wanna play it safe, you hire wedding bands that you have seen playing before at another function.
That way you will never go wrong. You know the quality of the performance that they are going to give, and also roughly the song choices that they will make

3. Do not be scared to splurge
Next to the food, which is the most important aspect of the wedding for the guests; is the entertainment, and door gifts. If your main objective is to give good entertainment to your guests or let it be the talk of the town, you should be ready to spend. If your plan is for the bride and groom and the decorations to look pretty, the…


This is what is expeted out of the serial laser treatments.

I had gone for a laser treatment using the SPECTRA VRIII yesterday in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. I came across the offer Groupon whch was going for 75% off, and decided to order for it. It is claimed to reduce oily skin, shrink the pores and lighten the scarring.

When I first got there, the assistant made me register my details. Then I was asked to see the doctor, which was never mentioned in the Groupon. I never intended to meet an aesthetician. If I ever wanted to see a doctor, I would straight away see a dermatologist.
To those of you are wondering, what is the difference between the both of them- here it is.
A dermatologist is a doctor who went through a basic MBBS ( medical degree), went through MRCP ( General Medicine Specialty), and then subspecialised in Dermatology
An aesthetician is a doctor with an MBBS degree and then took further diplomas to call themselves aestheticians.
So actually, a dermatologist is a more qual…

Chemical Peel - Are you willing to do it?

While thinking of what else to do with my face, since my skin problem is recurrent; I have decided to learn more about the skin treatment that dermatologists and beauticians usually recommend to me. 
Any damage , although temporary will take a very long time to recover; and you would want to take the lowest risk possible.

First and foremeost, go to a reputable clinic or beauty centre. Do not look only at the price offered. Anything that goes wrong is a higher price to pay than a' buy one free one' promotion. 
Do all your research about the procedure before going for a consultation, so you can clarify any doubts- indications, advantages, side effects.

So I visited the 'American Society of Plastic Surgeons' website, to know more about chemical peels
There are various types of peels, and they all work in different ways, depending on the problem and the severity of the skin.

It is usually recommended for those with uneven skin tone, acne, and aging skin to give a smoother, youth…

Learn How to Read Your Palm

<p>Palmistry has existed centuries ago, and it is usual the man of wisdom in the Kingdom or anyone religious who will be privileged enough to learn it. In most communities, and a job is passed on to their children generations after generations. Hence the art of Palmistry also stays within the family, a talent other people cannot learn. <br></p>
<p>Nowadays there are many people who can claim that they too can read people's future by looking at the palm. Some charge for a fee giving readings at a company or even at the temples. Some do it for fun, and some just to terrorise the other person. </p>
<p>Some people say that these palm readings are true, and you should go by it fully. </p>
<p>I too have had my palm bring read by an aunt who does it for time pass. Only the doesn't share her readings with you she only keeps it to herself. She won't tell the misfortunes but she will only say 'Good hands', which makes you wond…

Review of the Shangri La Hotels - Malaysia

So in late September, I have had the chance to stay in Trader's Hotel Kuala Lumpur for a night and also her bigger sister's hotel ,the Shangri La Hotel. Both are located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, that makes it convenient for people to travel around. We are gonna start with their good then bad points.

I am not associated with any hotel review board, or am I affliated to other hotels and making this comments.

PLUS PLUS PLUS- Traders' Hotel.

Transportation-There is a free ride from the hotel to KLCC.Facilities- Gym, Pool, Spa. Amazing facilities, couldn't ask for more.Sky Bar- The ever so happening place in KL is situated at the top of this hotel. Hence, making it easier to drop by and laze around and go back to the hotel room.Excellent Buffet Breakfast - I was very impressed with the spread of breakfast they had- Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, English. Reall enjoyed the food, the ambience. The most entertaining part was when there was one of their staff who perform…