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Paris 101 (3) - Basic French

France is a completely different country. Where English is almost useles. For those who want to travel, but have never learnt French before and don't intend to learn it properly. Here are a few phrases that will come in handy.

Start with a simple 'Bonjour' . Then politely ask them in French if they speak English

Basic Conversation

EnglishPronunciationFrenchDo you speak English?par-lay voo zon-glayParlez-vous anglais?Excuse me/sorryex-koo-zay mwahExcusez-moiFine thanks and you?bee-ehn mer-see ay voo?Merci et vous?Glad to meet youon-shohn-tayEnchantĂ©Good-byoh ruh-vwarAu revoirGood eveningbon-swarBon soirGood morning/good daybon-zhoorBon jourHellosah-looSalut

Ordering in A Restaurant

Baconleh lahr, leh bah-kohnLe lard, le baconBeefleh buhfLe boeuf
Frog legslay kwees deh gre-new-yuhyLes cuisses de grenouilles
Goatlah sheh-vruhLa chèvreHamleh jahm-bohnLe jambon
Liverleh fwahLe foie
Chicken                                         leh poh leh                                              L…

Paris 101(3)- La Vallee Shopping Village

La Vallee Village is a must place to go if you are in Paris. Things are generally cheaper compared to the other stores especially the ones on Champ de Elysee. However, if your trip includes London, then Bicester Village would be a cheaper option.

Among the stores available in La Vallee are Longchamp, DKNY, Michael Kors and Coach. For the men, there is Polo Ralph Lauren and Timberland

How to get there.

1. By Train.
I got there by train. Living near a Metro Station is the best.I went from Gare de l'est to Chatelet. Then, we switched to RER-C towards Marne-la-Vallee. The last stop is to Paris Disneyland. The second last stop is to La Vallee Shopping Centre. Once you get off the stop, look for a shuttle bus to get there. When I was there somehow people on the streets did not know of a shuttle bus that passes by regularly.

So we got there on foot. As you exit the train station, turn right and walk towards a shopping mall. Walk  right through the shopping mall, pass the centre court and stra…

Paris 101 (5) Website Guide to Paris

I would recommend everyone to do your own reading first. Get hold of any travel forums,travel blogs or private travel agencies so that you can get to get an overall picture of the place. The tourist attractions.

Why do you need to do so? 1. Compare their experiences if it is worth the time, or how early should you arrive to skip the queue
2. Check on which mode of transportation which will suit you, and the problems they've faced with that mode. Perhaps you may need to change
3.How to either cramp the trip just nice or to space it out. Some people come out with itenaries that they've gone thru. My itenaries will be featured in : Paris 101 (6)
I would suggest :
1.Trip advisor
They also have a free app for phones to download. So while you are in that city. You can check out what's closest to you. They also feature the tour buses, prices, operating hours of tourist attractions.  I have also chosen the hotel that I stayed in according to the reviews found here. 
2. Personal Travel blo…

Paris 101 (2)- Hop On and Hop Off Tours

Before going to Paris, we've decided to go on Hop On Hop Off Tours. Few bus companies run the Hop On Hop Off tours.  To name a few, there is the Big Bus Tours that is also available in London and other major cities. L'Open Tours are yellow buses that go around town. Les Car Rouges comes with the Paris Vissite Pass. 

Which Hop On Hop Off tour that you would like to take totally depends on you. Study this links and see which will suit your need.
1. Compare prices for adult and kids.
2. Choose if you want to spend more time going around Paris rather than shopping. That will help you to choose between the 1 or 2 day pass.
3. View these bus routes. Some of you may have more places that you want to stop off and one of these tours may not stop there.
4.Please check weather forecast on the day you are going. Even if you only plan on taking pics from the top of the bus and not stopping off, you still need good weather for good pictures.
5.I don't think it makes so much of a differe…

Paris 101 (1)

Travelling to Paris is everybody's dream. Including mind, and I got my chance not too long ago. Of course people say we need a lot of money to go to the European countries considering the exchange rate.
I am going to share with you how I made it through Paris and London in non expensive public transports.

It involves a lot of homework. Hence the reason why I am posting this summary for you, because trust me I went through a lot of sites both foreign and our own local bloggers to make it work for me. There are also things that I didn't find out from them and had to find out about it myself when I was there. Especially Paris.

  This is a copy of the integrated train map of Paris. It includes the  metro and RER stations. U can download the pdf version from

Next, find the stations closest to the hotel that you intend to stay in.Hotels near these stations are a good choice Gare du Nord and Gare d'lest. If you are travelling by train from…


This post mainly is for the Muslim girls who are so fashionable and adventurous nowadays but most of them surrender to mandi laut (swimming in the sea).

Ni salah satu cara untuk mandi laut tanpa menjadi terlalu seksi. Tak perlu pakai full scuba atau berbelanja yang terlampau banyak hanya untuk menutup aurat.

Tonton dinatokio to see what she has instored for Muslimahs to cover up for cheaper!

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