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Cameron Highlands- Places to go

I have not been to Cameron's for a very long time and decided to do some homework about it. At least to know the history and also what are the attractions that I can go to without paying entrance fees

Cameron Highlands got its name from the person who discovered this place in 1895 by Sir William Camerons. He was a land surveyor for the Pahang State then. Its ranges were about the same like Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka, which was already made into a town then. Sir Hugh Low, who was then the Perak's Resident, decided to turn this place into a sanatorium, health resort and also open farmland.
Cameron Highlands is located in the main range between the Perak and Pahang border. Until now, 71% of this area is still forested. There are two ways to access the highlands, with the Tapah exit from the highway being the older rout and exit closer to Kuala Lumpur. The roads are more winding, and at times can only allow one car to pass at a time.
There are three main towns in Cameron Highlands…