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Bazaar Ramadhan Kelana Jaya Review 2013

The Kelana Jaya  Bazaar is situated in SS2, near the Tabung Haji Complex. There are two entrances to this Bazaar, one is at the Tabung Haji Complex and one is from the row of shop houses.
I have been here once before, about 2 years back, and decided to go here again, looking at the reviews that people have posted. I couldn't believe at first when it was said there are at least 220 stalls that I had to go and see myself. Turns out, it was actually possible.

Parking was easy, despite the crowd that came. It was the journey to the bazaar from Kuala Lumpur that was  took almost an hour. And then, another hour to get back.

These are the things that I bought there

1. Port Klang Yong Tau Foo- bought RM11 worth of it
Very friendly young men. I was fascinated by their skills cutting all the pieces.They have a wide range of choices. They also accept offers for catering. They were nice enough to replace my sauce packet which I dropped ( it burst). However, I have to still comment on the sauc…

Bazaar Ramadhan Taman Melati, KL Review- 2013

On to my next Bazaar Ramadhan, which is located in Taman Melati, Kuala Lumpur.

Traffic to this place isnt so bad. Parking maybe a problem. So please just park further away.
This bazaar is really huge, accomodating over 200 stalls, way bigger than the TTDI's
Food are abundant! Multiple stalls for satay, murtabak, drinks, traditional kuihs, ikan bakar!

These are my expenditure for 3. Let's see if this fits your budget

1. Murtabak- normal stall, with no name. 
I just picked a stall with the longest queue. This stall is next to the murtabak Maggi stall. It almost taste like murtabak Raja, but cheaper.Adequate taste of beef and chicken.

Murtabak ayam 2: RM8
Murtabak daging 1: RM RM8

2. Nasi ayam 2 polysterene packets: RM8
This stall is a few stalls away from the murtabak stall but on the opposite side.
They lay out all of the contents of the polysterene on the table. Surprisingly this is the first stall I have been to that doesn't pile up the rice. So if you are a rice eater, you may need…

Food Review--Bazaar Ramadhan TTDI 2013

This is the first Bazaar that I have been to during this fasting month.

Arrived there around 6. Was not so difficult to find parking as it was raining that evening. So Im guessing people were either hurrying up to leave the bazaar or theyve decided to go later.

This is what I've tasted:

1.Seri muka with pulut hitam base- 4 pieces for  RM2
This is the stall right at the end of the road-furthermost from the entrance.
If you are looking for the original sweeter version, with the usual pulut and just enough santan. You will be disappointed. This is a healthier version, where the green isnt so sweet, and the pulut isn't so 'lemak'.
So, if you are trying to change to a healthier lifestyle, this is the stall to go to.

2. Murtabak Raja- RM4 for the normal sized murtabak beef, and M6 for the bigger one with mixed beef and chicken
You dun have to see the sign to know that this is the famous murtabak stall in the area. You only have to spot the longest queue in that bazar.Murtabak R…

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Recommended Makan Places- Indian Sweets

Most of you will know where to eat when it comes to Indian food, but not many are well versed with Indian sweets. Some do not like the taste of spices added together to the dessert. I don't like it too. So you must just know how to find the right shops! Here are some shops from some cities that I've tasted desserts from.


1.Restaurant Asia- Bukit Bintang.Across the road from CIMB
2. D Tandoor- I had mine in SS15, Subang. I assume all branches will have a standard quality to its food.
3. Bombay Palace- Jalan Tun Abdul Razak


1. Curry Leaf- Seremban, located on Jalan Rasah. They have recently also opened up a branch in Damansara Uptown. The Uptown branch was recently featured in The Star on Jun 22nd.