Bazaar Ramadhan Taman Melati, KL Review- 2013

On to my next Bazaar Ramadhan, which is located in Taman Melati, Kuala Lumpur.

Traffic to this place isnt so bad. Parking maybe a problem. So please just park further away.
This bazaar is really huge, accomodating over 200 stalls, way bigger than the TTDI's
Food are abundant! Multiple stalls for satay, murtabak, drinks, traditional kuihs, ikan bakar!

These are my expenditure for 3. Let's see if this fits your budget

1. Murtabak- normal stall, with no name. 
I just picked a stall with the longest queue. This stall is next to the murtabak Maggi stall. It almost taste like murtabak Raja, but cheaper.Adequate taste of beef and chicken.

Murtabak ayam 2: RM8
Murtabak daging 1: RM RM8

2. Nasi ayam 2 polysterene packets: RM8
This stall is a few stalls away from the murtabak stall but on the opposite side.
They lay out all of the contents of the polysterene on the table. Surprisingly this is the first stall I have been to that doesn't pile up the rice. So if you are a rice eater, you may need to  'tambah the nasi'. I did that for my friend. No extra charge. The rice had chicken taste in it, so that was good. The soup was salty. The soy sauce was ok, but I wouldn't recommend the chilli sauce.

3. Traditional kuih- RM2 for 4 pieces
There is this one stall that is so famous for the kuihs. Any locals u ask staying in this area will point out this stall. I was spoilt for choice. The Sugar coating was great, that's why I picked it, but I didnt know even the pastry itself was sweet. Usually, that would have been of neutral taste.

4. Tobayaki ( or somethinglike that)- 3 pieces for RM5
It's a Japanese style of -cokodok, very fluffy but  a little sticky. They are not deep fried, only turned in their little cake moulds. The ingredients inside vary from chicken, beef to seafood. You can pick and choose.
As of dressing, the decorate the pieces with BBQ sauce, spring onion, Mayonaise, fried onions.
This is the first time I am tasting it, so I can't make a good comparison out of this dish. 
Personally, I wouldn't buy this again, but I would love to try another version of it.

5. Nasi Ambeng- RM depending on what you take
It is a north eastern specialty, which Ive only come to know this year. Basically it's rice with dishes but only North Eastern versions of them.I didn't have this. My friend did upon recommendation from a local passer by. She said it tasted average, but was a good experience.

Check this Bazaar out. Because obviously I have only taste about 10% of the food sold here! If you have other reviews, add me on Gorgeously Flawless on FB!

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