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Artisan Roast Coffee, TTDI Review

So how many of you are coffee addicts? Okay, if not addicts how many of you are coffee-lovers?
Besides the frequent visits to Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Dome, Gloria Jeans have you ever tried a lesser known brand. Real coffee lovers would say that these international chains 'screw up' the real taste of coffee.
Most people say coffee is coffee. Even the Nescafe at home is as good as any coffee you find in the coffee shop.

Definitely wrong. It all depends on the coffee beans that is grounded to give that flavoured taste.

I have nothing to give but major plus points to Artisan Roast Coffee. It is located at the Lorong Rahim Kajai.
Amazing decor. Contrasting ambience of the inside and outside. The outdoors is filled with rather old furniture for those who want to hang out and smoke. As you open up the glass door, you are invited in by this aroma of coffee, just nice lighting and comfortable people having a good time alone or with friends.
They have an interior concept for everyone. T…

Thistle Port Dickson review

Went there within this week for dinner. Of course went there with high hopes as Thistle is an international chain. The hotel is located in Teluk Kemang a few kilometers passed the polytechnic. 
From the main road, make a right turn and go further in another hundred meters. The road and entrance to the hotel was mystical. Amazing subtle lighting with a grand foyer. The open air lobby concept is a great layout to enjoy the evening breeze.

We had our dinner at the restaurant, still between buffet and ala carte. That night, they were catering for a group of of people coming in for a course, so food was more limited. The usual price for a buffet here is RM78++ but that night it was reduced to RM58++. Buffet food available was ulam and sambal, and tomato soup, and rice, prawn curry, mee goreng, beef rending, and some chicken, fish keropok, and and about 4 types of desserts. No Western, Chinese or Indian food available.
Most of us had chosen ala the carte. 
Dish 1 : Burger So the portion of…

Girls, it is important to maintain your tyres!

Hi again!

I am sure most of you have been wondering how do you change a tyre? I think we should go to basics first by knowing how to maintain our tyres.

So the utmost important thing to learn is on how to check our tyre pressures, be it on a car/ motor bike?

1. How to know what the standard tyre pressure is supposed to be?
If you are using standard tyres that comes with the car, there is a table on the side of the driver's seat. As you open the car, look at the car's body just next to your seat. You won't be able to see it if the car door is closed

2. When is the best time to check your tyre pressure?
It should be in the mornings, when the tyres are still cold. As it gets warmer, the tyre pressure will increase. So lets say if it was underinflated and you took the pressure in the evening, it will be read as normal. If it was high, you may think that you have overinflated it and try to reduce the air pressure instead.

3. How often should you check your tyre pressure?
If possib…