Artisan Roast Coffee, TTDI Review

So how many of you are coffee addicts? Okay, if not addicts how many of you are coffee-lovers?
Besides the frequent visits to Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Dome, Gloria Jeans have you ever tried a lesser known brand. Real coffee lovers would say that these international chains 'screw up' the real taste of coffee.
Most people say coffee is coffee. Even the Nescafe at home is as good as any coffee you find in the coffee shop.

Definitely wrong. It all depends on the coffee beans that is grounded to give that flavoured taste.

I have nothing to give but major plus points to Artisan Roast Coffee. It is located at the Lorong Rahim Kajai.
Amazing decor. Contrasting ambience of the inside and outside. The outdoors is filled with rather old furniture for those who want to hang out and smoke. As you open up the glass door, you are invited in by this aroma of coffee, just nice lighting and comfortable people having a good time alone or with friends.
They have an interior concept for everyone. There are the high chairs and tables to give the bar setting which actually works, and the other side was just cushion filled areas for those who want to laze more, or the ones who come with children and don't want them to fall off the high chairs.

The people running the show are also very welcoming and warm. I was brought into a very westernised comforting area and I prayed I didn't have to leave. I asked for a latte, which only cost RM10. Flat rate. No service or tax charges applied. In fact the cheese cake recommended was heaven. For those who frequent Secret Recipe in TTDI for a traditional cheese cake, the ones in Artisan can  give a run for your money.

Here it a rough guide on how to find the right coffee for you.

Service: ****
Price: *****
Ambience: ***

Will definitely come here again and again and again!

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