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Top Ten Lip Care Tips.

Lips can be a thing of beauty — Angelina Jolie — or a sight for sore eyes – Lisa Rinna before she had her lip implants removed.

Even though women routinely slap lipstick or gloss on their lips and even go so far as to have their lips surgically enhanced, they may not be doing enough to maintain the basic health of their lips. Here are the top ten lip care tips.
10. Smile Smile and give your lips and mouth a workout. You don’t have to have the fullest lips in the world to be beautiful. Any smile, whether it’s on a thin lipped or plump lipped person, is a good thing and a welcome sight. 9. Don’t bite Don’t chew or bite on your lips. 8. Lipstick Go to a department store and ask a qualified cosmetician how to apply a professional quality lipstick for the best effect. Everyone has their own preferences regarding color, texture, fragrance and lasting power when it comes to lipstick. You may be instructed to apply foundation to your lips before putting on lipstick. Some women like using lip bru…

The Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturising Creams.

Believe it or not. I merely happened to stumble upon the difference just a few years ago when I came across an article on "emmagem". When we were in school,we were only taught of the 3 major steps; Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. Never did it include "Hydrate" before you moisturize or applying sunblock after moisturizing.

Today I am going to explain to you how differently these two creams function.

Moisturizers provide moisture (a balanced, healthy layer of  hydro-lipid film) on the epidermis of the skin.

Hydrating gels give ‘water content’, plumps up the skin. It turns a raisin into a grape.

Signs of skin that needs hydration is very dry scaly skin, and you are able to see fine lines on your face.

There are different levels of function for both the moisturizing cream and hydrating cream. Some work in a milder form, while some functions more than the other. The type of application used usually depends on one’s skin type.

Purchasing a less hydrating cream, when the ski…

How to get Rid of Eye Bags

Many of us have heard of the miracle fruit- cucumber and cold tea bags to reduce the eye bags, but not many know that facial massages can too.

This is a tip on how to massage your eye area to reduce the appearance of eye bags. It is all about massaging it the right way in assisting the lymphatic drainage.

Hope this helps!

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