Top Ten Lip Care Tips.

Lips can be a thing of beauty — Angelina Jolie — or a sight for sore eyes – Lisa Rinna before she had her lip implants removed.

Even though women routinely slap lipstick or gloss on their lips and even go so far as to have their lips surgically enhanced, they may not be doing enough to maintain the basic health of their lips.
Here are the top ten lip care tips.

10. Smile
One of the top ten lip care tips
Smile and give your lips and mouth a workout. You don’t have to have the fullest lips in the world to be beautiful. Any smile, whether it’s on a thin lipped or plump lipped person, is a good thing and a welcome sight.
9. Don’t bite
One of the top ten lip care tips
Don’t chew or bite on your lips.
8. Lipstick
One of the top ten lip care tips
Go to a department store and ask a qualified cosmetician how to apply a professional quality lipstick for the best effect. Everyone has their own preferences regarding color, texture, fragrance and lasting power when it comes to lipstick. You may be instructed to apply foundation to your lips before putting on lipstick. Some women like using lip brushes to apply lipstick. Some apply their lipstick, blot, and then reapply again. Figure out which technique works best for you and your lips. Make sure that the lipstick you purchase has moisturizing components in it.
7. Kiss
One of the top ten lip care tips
Kiss a lot. Well, that certainly can’t hurt. Even if your lips are bruised afterward it will be well worth it.
6. Stay natural
One of the top ten lip care tips
Forget the lip enhancement nonsense. It never looks good. Check out the Housewives of New York City and New Jersey to see for yourself. A natural, full, plump lip is lovely, but it’s hard to replicate through surgical implants or fillers that make women look like they’ve just been stung on the lip. Instead, try different ways of applying your lipstick and lip liner and gloss to give the illusion of fuller lips.
5. Forget the piercing
One of the top ten lip care tips
Think twice before piercing your lip or lips. Yes, this is a very fashionable trend but any time you get a piercing, there is the possibility of infection. Consider the possible hazards which include tooth scrambling. This means that teeth may become slightly rearranged or loose or infected or begin to erode because of the piercing and the continual contact that it has with your teeth. In a worst-case scenario, it is possible for a lip piercing to alter the shape of your jaw, which is going to change your appearance. Nerve damage can also occur if the piercing isn’t done correctly. The lip piercing should never come into contact with your gums, and you must wear proper jewelry. It is not advisable to smoke if you have a lip piercing.
4. Exfoliate
One of the top ten lip care tips
Although many women may not be aware of this, your lips benefit from an occasional exfoliation just like the rest of your skin. Apply a facial scrub to a toothbrush and brush your lips. Afterward, rinses your lips with warm water. This will help get rid of dead skin.
3. Don’t use dry lipstick
One of the top ten lip care tips
Avoid wearing lipsticks that are drying. You’ll know which lipstick is in this category shortly after applying it. Ugh.
2. Hydrate and SPF
One of the top ten lip care tips
If your lips are dry and cracked you need to moisturize them regularly. Eating right, including an abundance of fruits, helps keep your lips and the rest of your body hydrated. Your lips do not have any pigment in them, which means they have no in-built protection from the sun and other elements, including environmental pollutants. The lips consist of a thin layer of skin on the outside and translucent mucous membranes on the inside. Use a lip stick or balm that contains SPF, which protects your delicate lips from the harmful rays of the sun.

1. Moisurize!!
One of the top ten lip care tips
Don’t lick your lips because this dries them out. If you have terribly chapped lips, put some coco butter on them. Any kind of rich emollient can be applied to dry lips right before you go to bed. Vaseline, glycerin, almond oil or honey can be used. Your lips will get a big dose of much-needed moisture while you are sleeping.


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