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The Back Treatment Experience

To those of you who have been to beauty salons, apart from facials, eye and neck treatment or ear candling; another famous service being promoted is the back treatment.

This is catered to the ladies with acne or acne scars on their back. So what do they do during a back treatment?

1. The beautician will apply oil on the back of the body with a gentle massage

2. She will then examine you  skin under their white light

3. Extraction begans

4. Therapeutic Ultrasound treament

5. Masque is applied to the body with a wrap for about 20 - 30 minutes 

Ruffedge, VE, Innuendo

These were the big names in our  Malay R&B Music Industry, with growing friends who adore BoyzIIMen, BSB and Nsync's Ballads.

I came across them after going through BeautifulNara that featured a new of one of the Ruffedge's members is being trialed in court for rape allegations. No idea if it is really true or not.

Anyway, they have disappeared from the mainstream music industry, because most of these boyband members has decided to 'berhijrah'. 'Hijrah' is actually an Arabic word that has assimilated into the Malay language, that means 'changing for the better'. It could be of any aspect of life ie; religion, career, family, social status.

In this case, these 3 big names have members who have decided to 'hijrah' in God's name. Amer, former member of Ruffedge has decided to form a group called Al Mawlid, when he was asked by a government TV station to perform for an Islamic program. He asked Pot Innuend…