The Back Treatment Experience

To those of you who have been to beauty salons, apart from facials, eye and neck treatment or ear candling; another famous service being promoted is the back treatment.

This is catered to the ladies with acne or acne scars on their back. So what do they do during a back treatment?

1. The beautician will apply oil on the back of the body with a gentle massage

2. She will then examine you  skin under their white light

3. Extraction begans

4. Therapeutic Ultrasound treament

5. Masque is applied to the body with a wrap for about 20 - 30 minutes 

The whole procedure takes about an hour to 90 mins max.

I am showing you pictures of the procedure similar of what is experienced. I am not allowed to photograph in the beauty parlour.

This is a picture of a patient with severe acne

Ideally for optimum results, back treatment should be carried out monthly.

According to my beautician, it is best to start with a  body spa before going for the back treatment.
What happens during a body spa?
Look out for my next article in the body spa

I am not a professionally trained beautician, neither am I a doctor. I am only here to share my knowledge and experience with you so that you do not get persuaded to doing something that you do not know of


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