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100 Reasons You Should Exercise

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I came across this article from, a community that tries to lose weight, as well as encourage people to do so with professional help

I now find  a need to not delay my exercise, or delay it because of all the reasons it has given me

Hope it'll do the same for you too

Because it makes you feel confidentBecause it helps you get strongerBecause exercise helps combat depressionBecause you'll feel proud of yourselfBecause you have goals you want to reachBecause you'll feel bad if you don'tBecause you want to move forward, not backwardBecause it burns more calories than not working outBecause it improves your heart healthBecause you want a great buttBecause it prevents diabetesBecause you want to be a good example to your kidsBecause you want to feel good in your clothesBecause it reduces your risk of cancerBecause your body was made to moveBecause you want to be an athleteBecause you want to…

We ArE OnE!

Today  we are celebrating our first birthday!

In conjunction with us turning one, we would like to give away special promotions for our best selling Vitamin C and Collagen injection by Roche

Our usual price is RM 300 for 10 ampoules.
From 13/4/12 until 20/4/12, we are selling the 10 ampoules for just **RM240**

Hurry before the offer is over
The first 5 orders will also receive a mystery gift!

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