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Account security- This is How I Do It

It's crazy nowadays having everything accessible over the internet.

Last time, it used to be our email ID and password only. But now we have multiple accounts with our personal information on the web. It is only wise to have extra security on the things we have put on the web.

Did you know that the things and pictures that we put on Facebook remains on the web forever, despite deleting it from the Facebook years ago? Yeah,so think hard before putting anything on the web again.

Here are some accounts you might have on the web
1. At least 1 bank account for transaction, bill payments, shopping online
2. At least 1 shopping online account  Coach Online Shopping
3. At least 1 email account
4. At least one social account
5. Most probably a blog account
6. Most probably a 'sharing-things' account,
7. At least one work account  www.****

If you are a government servan…

Easel for Sale, Cheap Cheap Cheap!

Hey all,

I have got an easel for sale
It is a brand new easel. Only been used for an occasion
I bought it because it was so hard to find an easel for rent.
I have tried multiple sites to rent it, but either it was a metal easel or the size was not good enough
Tried contacting a few of the owners who would rent it out, but many were booked on that weekend.

I finally found a lady who would rent it to me ( found via a website), staying around Seri Kembangan/ Serdang area. She was promoting a lot of stuff for rent on her website, and she has agreed to it.
Then all of a sudden, she didnt reply my smses, then replied using another number ( which I thought was her number).I continued corresponding to that new number, but none was returned. Until I got furious since the date of the occasion was a week a way.

Once I sent her that rather aggressive sms stating I would disclose her bad PR on my blog for not replying my smses at all for 5 days, finally a reply came. Nobody in business would want …

++Shoes Shoes Shoes++

Happy Thursday Everyone!

What a good day to begin the end of the week- reading about shoes. So you will know where to head to during the weekend

My review is gonna be about

I came across this  designer while rushing to find fancy  shoes. I did not have the time to browse around shopping malls to find the right shoe for a special occasion I had to attend.

I knew what I wanted then - something lacey and sexy, better if it came with a 'matchy-matchy' bag.

So i went to Google Images, typed " heels, lace, match with gold dress" , altered the finding to 'pages from Malaysia', and 'within Malaysia' and on the first page was these really amazing heels.

Clicked on it and there I found, Christy Ng. I was doubtful at first, decided to do some digging about this designer.Seeing that she was quite a reputable upcoming designer, had just opened her shop in Uptown, I went ahead to look at the shoes displayed online. Fell in love with design, found the…


Have you ever wondered why people still go for eyelash perming despite the successful and ongoing improvement of the mascara?

That's because :
1.  It gives an almost permanent curling effect
2. No smudge
3. We do not have to continue hunting for the right type and brand of mascara for our eyelashes
4. It gives an almost natural effect
5. Stubborn eyelashes not correctable with mascara can be solved by eyelash perming
6. You don't have to shop around for false lashes or continue updating  you eye lash extensions
7. Easy maintenence to look pretty

Almost every beauty saloon provides the eyelash perming services
The beautician who attends to us are usually qualified and certified ones of course. Eyes are not something that you play around with after all

Below are some of the pictures of the procedures done for perming

I have gone through 4 times of eye lash perming. Some worked and lasted for awhile. Some do notth
The longest that it has lasted is my current perm, which is 2 months. This is w…

Hair Dye Review

Hair colour brings out your personality and your facial features and your bo. It does a  lot to one self. Choosing a hair colour is very important, but choosing a brand to dye your is is essential.

1. Because we do not want a hair colour which is messy to prepare and apply
2. We want a hair dye that will not need to be left for a very long time
2. We want something simple with clear instructions
3. We want something that does not damage the hair too much
4. We want a hair dye which is ammonia free
5. Some may want 'halal' hair dye
6. Some may want the hair dye to be as natural as possible
7. We want a hair dye which is not an irritant to the scalp
8. We want a colour which is long lasting, especially for white hair coverage

I have been dying my hair  for about 15 years now, and I feel I am fit to be advising, based on my experiences, not my expertise. I am just another consumer, just like you.


Easy to apply.
Liquid form
30-45 mins to be ready
Good white hair coverage
Ammonia free

SO.. What Is Body Spa

I am telling you guys and girls based on the experience I get from visiting beauty salons.

I was waiting for the time to come when I was gonna hop into a jacuzzi. Turns out body spa is not about the jacuzzi or the sauna. It is about exfoliating, massaging, detoxifying and moisturising.

This is the sort of body spa I went for.

       First, I was asked to removed all my clothes, then change into a cloth that just covered my bossoms, and disposable panties. I was asked to wear a cloth that covered the chest area all the way to the knees.
I then entered a dimly-lit room which was filled with aromatherapy scent and I was asked to lie down face down. The therapist requested me to slide down the gown all the way to the waist.

       She started applying the massage oil all over my back and limbs (Yes! Including the palms and soles).  Once done, she proceeded on with body scrub. Scrubbing over the palms and soles were very ticklish. I remember pulling my leg away when she was scrubbing my feet. A…