Easel for Sale, Cheap Cheap Cheap!

Hey all,

I have got an easel for sale
It is a brand new easel. Only been used for an occasion
I bought it because it was so hard to find an easel for rent.
I have tried multiple sites to rent it, but either it was a metal easel or the size was not good enough
Tried contacting a few of the owners who would rent it out, but many were booked on that weekend.

I finally found a lady who would rent it to me ( found via a website), staying around Seri Kembangan/ Serdang area. She was promoting a lot of stuff for rent on her website, and she has agreed to it.
Then all of a sudden, she didnt reply my smses, then replied using another number ( which I thought was her number).I continued corresponding to that new number, but none was returned. Until I got furious since the date of the occasion was a week a way.

Once I sent her that rather aggressive sms stating I would disclose her bad PR on my blog for not replying my smses at all for 5 days, finally a reply came. Nobody in business would want her reputation to be put down.
That number actually belonged to her husband.So he nastily replied that his wife was doing a favour for a lot of people by renting in cheap to all ( It was not cheap anyway), and he started telling how nasty it is to 'memburukkan orang lain di internet, nanti akan masuk neraka, blablabla

So I decided to skip the drama and just buy one for my own for RM80. And I have only used it once.
I will assemble it for you and send it at an agreed pickup point around Klang Valley area.
Going for RM50. Really good condition, almost brand new.


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