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You Tube Celebrities

These are a few of the people I follow on YouTube, simply because they inspire me.

She is a videoblogger from the US who does tutorials about make ups, hair dos, and reviews on the latest cosmetics in the market. I find it interesting because she explains it simply and her videos arent always long.
Good for short attention span people like me.

She is a self made YouTube celebrity who started off teaching makeup tutorials online, while attending a beauty academy in Ireland. She had become such a sensation that she got featured on BBC news, and now has her own cosmetics brushes. She lists down the products that she uses under the comments.

Another british girl- white mix middle eastern teenager who blogs about her hauls, make up trends, and islamic wear. She has got many many followers.

He is an Australian bloke who dreams of teaching people that cooking is actually easy, even if you don't know how to. The videos are created in his own kitchen, us…

Must Watch Movies- Romantic Comedies

Hey people!

This is a list of movies that I have been watching for the past week. Where did I find it all at?
Youtube. The best free online streaming movie. Yes, most of it are outdated but it was still entertaining

1. 100 days with Mr Arrogant
This is a Korean movie about a high school girl who was forced to sign a slave contract for a 100 days with a guy for wrecking his car. The story leads on to how they finally fall in love.

2. My 200 pound Beauty
Another Korean Movie that evolves around the music industry. The plot revolves around a heavy girl who's dream is to be a famous singer and to win the love of a handsome music producer. To achieve her dreams, she went through plastic surgery. The ending is about her own self discovery and being able to achieve both

3.Beauty and the Briefcase
An American movie based in one of the major cities, about a journalist who is chasing after a dreams but doing an article where she has to go under cover; which also involves her search of her …