Hair Dye Review

Hair colour brings out your personality and your facial features and your bo. It does a  lot to one self. Choosing a hair colour is very important, but choosing a brand to dye your is is essential.

1. Because we do not want a hair colour which is messy to prepare and apply
2. We want a hair dye that will not need to be left for a very long time
2. We want something simple with clear instructions
3. We want something that does not damage the hair too much
4. We want a hair dye which is ammonia free
5. Some may want 'halal' hair dye
6. Some may want the hair dye to be as natural as possible
7. We want a hair dye which is not an irritant to the scalp
8. We want a colour which is long lasting, especially for white hair coverage

I have been dying my hair  for about 15 years now, and I feel I am fit to be advising, based on my experiences, not my expertise. I am just another consumer, just like you.


Easy to apply.
Liquid form
30-45 mins to be ready
Good white hair coverage
Ammonia free
Price range- good

RATING    ****


Liquid form
Leave on 30-45 mins
Good instructions
Ammonia free
Fair white hair coverage
Price Reasonable



This is a new purchase I made end of last year. I was attracted by the cheap price and decided to try it
Comes in a few separate packets of hair dye
Each packet contains a powder form of hair colour, which you need to mix yourself
No ready container
Messy application
White hair coverage lasts for about 1 week

(I tried it twice because I thought I did it wrongly. I have never used a very poor performance hair dye before)



The most easy to apply hair dye. Comes in a form of shampoo,that you have to leave on.
I have used it once. But was not very impressed with the results
Unsure because of the dark colour that I have chosen that I couldn't seem to see any difference or my application technique is wrong
My good friend seems to love this.
White hair coverage: Average



Easy to apply, not messy
Leave on for 30-40 mins
Ammonia free
Good white hair coverage
The hair shines after applying the leave on conditioner
Price: Affordable



Easy to apply, not messy
30 - 45 mins leave on application
Good white hair coverage
Price: Affordable

RATING: ****

It is however important to also take care of your hair when it is exposed to regular hair colouring. It might be depleted of nutrients. The chemicals in the hair dye might  also damage the hair. Please consult your hairdresser for regular hair or scalp treatment.


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