Account security- This is How I Do It

It's crazy nowadays having everything accessible over the internet.

Last time, it used to be our email ID and password only. But now we have multiple accounts with our personal information on the web. It is only wise to have extra security on the things we have put on the web.

Did you know that the things and pictures that we put on Facebook remains on the web forever, despite deleting it from the Facebook years ago? Yeah,so think hard before putting anything on the web again.

Here are some accounts you might have on the web
1. At least 1 bank account for transaction, bill payments, shopping online
2. At least 1 shopping online account  Coach Online Shopping
3. At least 1 email account
4. At least one social account
5. Most probably a blog account
6. Most probably a 'sharing-things' account,
7. At least one work account  www.****

If you are a government servant you will have extra accounts
1. Pay slip account
2. Continuous professional development

PROBLEM NUMBER ONE: Forgetting your passwords!
It is impossible to remember all these passwords
Unless your passwords are really simple or your passwords are all the same
That means if one person knows your passwords, all the other accounts will be accessible
No IDs should be the same too!

Having passwords nowadays does not mean your account is secured
Hackers are good enough to find out the password, if it is simple enough


I chose this because, naturally as a Malaysian, we love free things. Of course, if you don't mind  paying then there are other choices too, asccording to PCMag,

I personally am really happy with KeePassX  because I can store all my passwords into one account, and I only need to remember one password.

And to avoid my accounts from being the victim of hackers, I choose a combination of random numbers, letters with and without Caps. The best passwords are the ones that do not make sense. And because all of it is stored safely, I wont misplace it or forget it. I only need to open my KeePassX account, and copy the stored password.

Hope this helps!!


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