SO.. What Is Body Spa

I am telling you guys and girls based on the experience I get from visiting beauty salons.

I was waiting for the time to come when I was gonna hop into a jacuzzi. Turns out body spa is not about the jacuzzi or the sauna. It is about exfoliating, massaging, detoxifying and moisturising.

This is the sort of body spa I went for.

       First, I was asked to removed all my clothes, then change into a cloth that just covered my bossoms, and disposable panties. I was asked to wear a cloth that covered the chest area all the way to the knees.
I then entered a dimly-lit room which was filled with aromatherapy scent and I was asked to lie down face down. The therapist requested me to slide down the gown all the way to the waist.

       She started applying the massage oil all over my back and limbs (Yes! Including the palms and soles).  Once done, she proceeded on with body scrub. Scrubbing over the palms and soles were very ticklish. I remember pulling my leg away when she was scrubbing my feet. Afterwards, I was wrapped up in a hot blanket, of which the temperature is manually regulated, according to the customer's comfort. I was left under the hot blanket for about half an hour. This was their method to increase the rate of the body's detoxification. She then came back to remove the blanket. Because of the water loss from sweating, while sitting up; I felt a bit light headed. Note to all: Do not immediately stand up when you are just done with a body thermal wrap or hot blanket, you might will giddy and just fall. You wouldn't want people to crowd around your half naked body while unconscious or would you?

       Subsequently, there was the cold shower, where I was asked to rinse off all the body scrub and also the massage oil. That took me a few rounds of shower gel to get rid of them, especially the massage oil. After wiping myself dry, I was asked to apply the body moisturiser ( except for the back, if you are planning to do this before a back treatment like I did)

       So.. That was the whole process of a body spa. Different beauty centres might tend to do it a bit differently, perhaps this time with a sauna or a jacuzzi! I am just sharing with you my experience for those who have been curious on how a body spa works.

Now you know!


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