Have you ever wondered why people still go for eyelash perming despite the successful and ongoing improvement of the mascara?

That's because :
1.  It gives an almost permanent curling effect
2. No smudge
3. We do not have to continue hunting for the right type and brand of mascara for our eyelashes
4. It gives an almost natural effect
5. Stubborn eyelashes not correctable with mascara can be solved by eyelash perming
6. You don't have to shop around for false lashes or continue updating  you eye lash extensions
7. Easy maintenence to look pretty

Almost every beauty saloon provides the eyelash perming services
The beautician who attends to us are usually qualified and certified ones of course. Eyes are not something that you play around with after all

Below are some of the pictures of the procedures done for perming

I have gone through 4 times of eye lash perming. Some worked and lasted for awhile. Some do notth
The longest that it has lasted is my current perm, which is 2 months. This is without trying to maintain it at all

1. These beautician cleans the eye lashes and assesses it
2. I have thick and long lashes, but never curly. So they will use either a stronger chemical or a longer time to prep the lashes to give good results. Some of them might be inexperienced and will need our guidance to do what we want. I always go and tell them that might is very difficult to perm with the usual solution or duration.
3. They will put the roller foam on the top lashes and apply a chemical on it and leave it for about 30-40 minutes. Some of them might apply two layers. Prep time is the same as the latter procedure
4. Please remember to remove any contact lenses, not to wear eye make up or mascara or any length/ strengthening cream for the lashes. This is to ensure all lashes are coated evenly



Results are amazing, provided you are in the hands of a skillfull beautician. Half of the times that I have done the perming, the results were uneven. One side is less curled compared the other. 
Usually it can be repaired. One of the salons have offered to touch up for me 2 days after, but some may tell you to just deal with it, by applying more mascara over the less curled lash or try to uncurl the better looking one.

How to maintain the results longer?
Most times the lashes can last up to 2 months. If taken care better, ie applying creams and mascara, the curls can last up to 3 months

Is the chemical used harmful to the eyes?
Yeah, that is why they are very careful that the chemicals only reach the lashes and do not drop onto the surrounding skin or into the eyes. If it happens, the eyes need to be flushed with generous amount of water.

Can you have an allergic reaction to the chemical?
Anything is possible, especially if you have allergy-prone skin.Just like using the hair dye, please ask the beautician to test it for a few minutes on a small patch of lashes before proceding for the whole treatment.

I personally am very grateful for the invention of eyelash perming, because if it was not for that; no amount of mascara (Expensive Brands, Type and Function, Multiple coats, Eyelash Curler before and after mascara) will not have any effect on them.


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