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Happy Thursday Everyone!

What a good day to begin the end of the week- reading about shoes. So you will know where to head to during the weekend

My review is gonna be about ChristyNg.com.

I came across this  designer while rushing to find fancy  shoes. I did not have the time to browse around shopping malls to find the right shoe for a special occasion I had to attend.

I knew what I wanted then - something lacey and sexy, better if it came with a 'matchy-matchy' bag.

So i went to Google Images, typed " heels, lace, match with gold dress" , altered the finding to 'pages from Malaysia', and 'within Malaysia' and on the first page was these really amazing heels.

Clicked on it and there I found, Christy Ng. I was doubtful at first, decided to do some digging about this designer.Seeing that she was quite a reputable upcoming designer, had just opened her shop in Uptown, I went ahead to look at the shoes displayed online. Fell in love with design, found the matching bag and travelled to Damansara Uptown.

It is a shop located on the second storey. You can't miss  that bright pink signage from afar.
So I was brought upstairs to this display room, filled with shoes. It was a shoe haven! No design was the same. It had pumps, stillettos, wedges, wedding shoes, custom-designed etc. etc. Basically I felt like putting on all of them and showcasing it to other people. Oh yeah! they can widen the shoes for you if it is too tight.

Shoes are food to the soul! Not just ice cream or chocolates. It's amazing what it can do to make your day great and more confident. So it  is something worth sharing!

I hope you will also find the experience amazing! I have not stopped sharing this interesting find with my friends


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