Ruffedge, VE, Innuendo

These were the big names in our  Malay R&B Music Industry, with growing friends who adore BoyzIIMen, BSB and Nsync's Ballads.

I came across them after going through BeautifulNara that featured a new of one of the Ruffedge's members is being trialed in court for rape allegations. No idea if it is really true or not.

Anyway, they have disappeared from the mainstream music industry, because most of these boyband members has decided to 'berhijrah'. 'Hijrah' is actually an Arabic word that has assimilated into the Malay language, that means 'changing for the better'. It could be of any aspect of life ie; religion, career, family, social status.

In this case, these 3 big names have members who have decided to 'hijrah' in God's name. Amer, former member of Ruffedge has decided to form a group called Al Mawlid, when he was asked by a government TV station to perform for an Islamic program. He asked Pot Innuendo, whose recording label signed VE and Ruffedge; to gather people to form a group for this.

The Al Mawlid members now consists of
Amer (Ruffedge), Azan (Ruffedge), Lah (V.E), Zaff (V.E) dan Pot (Innuendo) 

This was how the band used to look like before


They were made famous for their vocal harmonisation, and have performed in many shows including in Planet Hollywood. Their dressing and personality gave this 'soul' feel to the street dressing that was made famous by Too Phat.


Ruffedge consists of friends who enjoyed singing and decided to take it to the next level. They were the uber cool boys and had synchronised movements like BSB when they performed.


There are only 2 words for this group that has made its mark in the Malaysian scene. ' Belaian Jiwa'

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