Girls, it is important to maintain your tyres!

Hi again!

I am sure most of you have been wondering how do you change a tyre? I think we should go to basics first by knowing how to maintain our tyres.

So the utmost important thing to learn is on how to check our tyre pressures, be it on a car/ motor bike?

1. How to know what the standard tyre pressure is supposed to be?
If you are using standard tyres that comes with the car, there is a table on the side of the driver's seat. As you open the car, look at the car's body just next to your seat. You won't be able to see it if the car door is closed

2. When is the best time to check your tyre pressure?
It should be in the mornings, when the tyres are still cold. As it gets warmer, the tyre pressure will increase. So lets say if it was underinflated and you took the pressure in the evening, it will be read as normal. If it was high, you may think that you have overinflated it and try to reduce the air pressure instead.

3. How often should you check your tyre pressure?
If possible every month, especially if you are doing a lot of long distance travelling, but if you cannot find time to do it that often, then once in 2 months will do.

4. What happens if you continue running with a punctured tire ?
There are many possibilities that can happen here
The optimistic will say : Nothing will happen, just drive slow and you will reach you destination". This rarely happens.
The pessimists' approach should be taken here, as this is us dealing with our lives here.
i. The rims can get bent and damage. So instead of just buying a new tyre, you may need to also buy riou ms
ii. The tyre will burst and you may skid. If you are lucky, it is only your car will be involved. If you are unlucky, there will also be other vehicles affected on the road, as well as families.

5. How do you know if your tyre might be punctured
i. You may realise that your care is misaligned. It might be heading in the direction of  the non punctured tyre.
ii. You felt a little bit bumpy on one side of the car
iii. People are honking at you and pointing downwards towards your tyres ( Yes, Malaysians are really that nice)

5. How to check tyre pressures at the petrol station
i. First, park your car close to the meter.So it will make it easier for you to go around the car with the hose.
ii. Look at the machine and see what unit it's using. Are the numbers on the meter in the hundreds or in the 20s and 30s
ii. Go back to the car and look at the table provided next to the seat. There will be two units- choose one depending on the meter that you will be using.
iii. Look at the tyre pressures for all tyres. Does the diagram  show you equal tyre pressures for all 4 tyres, or is there a difference between the front tyres and the back
iv. Go back to the meter and wind up the meter all the way to the desired pressure. Start inflating the tyres. Once there is a sound means the tyre has reached its desired pressure. Go on and complete the other tyre/s.


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