Food Review--Bazaar Ramadhan TTDI 2013

This is the first Bazaar that I have been to during this fasting month.

Arrived there around 6. Was not so difficult to find parking as it was raining that evening. So Im guessing people were either hurrying up to leave the bazaar or theyve decided to go later.

This is what I've tasted:

1.Seri muka with pulut hitam base- 4 pieces for  RM2
This is the stall right at the end of the road-furthermost from the entrance.
If you are looking for the original sweeter version, with the usual pulut and just enough santan. You will be disappointed. This is a healthier version, where the green isnt so sweet, and the pulut isn't so 'lemak'.
So, if you are trying to change to a healthier lifestyle, this is the stall to go to.

2. Murtabak Raja- RM4 for the normal sized murtabak beef, and M6 for the bigger one with mixed beef and chicken
You dun have to see the sign to know that this is the famous murtabak stall in the area. You only have to spot the longest queue in that bazar.Murtabak Raja has the face of the chef at the poster right outside the stall. Out of interest, I was looking around in the stall, if that fella was there making the murtabak. To my disappointment, I see only foreigners doing the cooking. The Malaysians are the ones interacting witht he customers. Kudos though, they didnt keep the customers waiting for long. Really good team work and just the right amount of staff.

3. Tau Fu Fa- RM2 per container
This uncle sits exactly at the entrance of the Bazaar with his lorry. He oversees his worker's job.
Very fresh taste of the soy and it is soft, not curdy. When she poured the brown sugar for me, I was thinking it would be too little as the soy water will only dilute it and it won't taste good anymore. Turns out, it was just nice. He made it thick, just right when it dissolved in the container.

4. Ayam Percik with Kuah Kacang on top- RM6 per piece
This was something really peculiar because as far as I know ayam percik is ayam percik. No additional peanut sauce to go on it. Very tasty. Chicken was tender, with coated peanut sauce that didnt fall off. I just wished that they would have given more peanut sauce in another smaller plastic bag to eat with. That would've been awesome.

5. Samosa- chicken and beef- 10 for RM9
I bought these for buka puasa and for sahur the next morning. We can actually mix both chicken and beef samosas. The filling had a lot of potato that I almost didnt taste the meat. For example, the one in Old Town White Coffee, you can actually see the shredded chicken. Just like how home made samosas would taste like.

6. Serunding ayam- 1 container for RM8
This is for a quick sahur, when you dont really want to cook. Goes well with bread or rice when all you want to do is just eat with your eyes closed and hit the sack. Very nice texture,u have some big and smaller chunks, just right for the palate. Starts with this pleasant sweetness, then goes on to the spice components, and lastly the hot chilly taste.

7. Apam balik-2 pieces for RM4
A run for the money. Gone were the days when apam balik had a lot of filling in it. Now, it is more of a pancake then anything in it. I was a bit sceptical when buying it, but it tasted rather good. This guy had put in more filling that every vendor Ive eaten from.It is nice and fluffy just like the old days. Not crispy like what they do nowadays, to save batter I guess.  I would eat it again.
If he is reading this, I hope he just adds a little bit more filling hehehe.

Alright, that's all folks!

Let me know if you  have any bazaars that you would like me to review!


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