Bazaar Ramadhan Kelana Jaya Review 2013

The Kelana Jaya  Bazaar is situated in SS2, near the Tabung Haji Complex. There are two entrances to this Bazaar, one is at the Tabung Haji Complex and one is from the row of shop houses.
I have been here once before, about 2 years back, and decided to go here again, looking at the reviews that people have posted. I couldn't believe at first when it was said there are at least 220 stalls that I had to go and see myself. Turns out, it was actually possible.

Parking was easy, despite the crowd that came. It was the journey to the bazaar from Kuala Lumpur that was  took almost an hour. And then, another hour to get back.

These are the things that I bought there

1. Port Klang Yong Tau Foo- bought RM11 worth of it
Very friendly young men. I was fascinated by their skills cutting all the pieces.They have a wide range of choices. They also accept offers for catering. They were nice enough to replace my sauce packet which I dropped ( it burst). However, I have to still comment on the sauce, as this is what that makes any yong tau foo different from the rest. It was a bit bland, terkurang gula and garam. Hopefully, it is because of the fasting month only, that they cant taste the sauce properly

2. Satay - Chicken and Beef 20 pieces- RM0.50 and RM0.60 per stick.
This stall is run by father and son. As you enter from the Tabung Haji Complex, their stall is on the right.
The meat althought of smaller pieces than most, has a very succulent taste. It was marinated very well.
Can't say the same for the peanut sauce though. The satay tasted better without it.

3.  Ayam percik RM5 per piece for small breast
This stall goes by the pieces, wing and breasts different pieces. If it is the breast, then the bigger one will cost RM6, Chicken was cooked well. Loved that they don't stinge on the sauce.

4. Putu piring RM2 for 4 pieces
This uncle's stall is located at the other entrance of the bazaar. He sells with his daughter from a white truck.
Again, this is one vendor, who does not stinge with his brown sugar. It was just the right amount. The best time to eat it is actually on the spot, when it is still moist.

5. Soya bean RM3 for 1 packet
There are a lot of stalls selling drinks. I brought mine by hunch. The soy bean tasted very fresh, with adequate sweetness. Please buy without ice if you are a long way from home, and make your own ice:) we don't want to spoil the taste nice, do we?

Total money spent: RM40 for 2 people.


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