Paris 101 (2)- Hop On and Hop Off Tours

Before going to Paris, we've decided to go on Hop On Hop Off Tours. Few bus companies run the Hop On Hop Off tours.  To name a few, there is the Big Bus Tours that is also available in London and other major cities. L'Open Tours are yellow buses that go around town. Les Car Rouges comes with the Paris Vissite Pass. 

Which Hop On Hop Off tour that you would like to take totally depends on you. Study this links and see which will suit your need.
1. Compare prices for adult and kids.
2. Choose if you want to spend more time going around Paris rather than shopping. That will help you to choose between the 1 or 2 day pass.
3. View these bus routes. Some of you may have more places that you want to stop off and one of these tours may not stop there.
4.Please check weather forecast on the day you are going. Even if you only plan on taking pics from the top of the bus and not stopping off, you still need good weather for good pictures.
5.I don't think it makes so much of a different booking online or buying it on the spot. Most of the bus companies allow you to buy the tickets from the bus drivers themselves.
6. If you have elderly people following you, this would be a better option than trying to get on and get off the Metro

My Personal Experience:

L'Open Tour is one of the city's best hop-on, hop-off bus tours.

We didn't get our tickets from any online website. We decided to buy it from the bus tour itself. Luckily for us, the day we decided to go on the tour. It was the time when labourers of Paris were on strike.  Our first option was the Big Bus Tour for it's recognition world wide. We waited for the bus for almost 45 minutes but none passed. Then in between, we saw the L'Open Tours buses passing by.

That's when we decided to jump on that  bus and go anyway, because we were short of time. It's either we go for it now or we don't at all for that trip. Can't complain, services are as good. Buses were coming in at the stops every 15 mins despite the short of drivers because of the demonstrations. In fact, because of the irregularities in the bus schedules, our 1 day pass can be used for 2 days. It rained the first day on the bus. Couldn't take many pictures or get off the bus at the touristy places either. So please check the weather forecast.

Bring raincoats! You might want to stay upstairs on the bus and it suddenly pours! The buses may be full and you won't be able to come downstairs.

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