Paris 101 (3) - Basic French

France is a completely different country. Where English is almost useles. For those who want to travel, but have never learnt French before and don't intend to learn it properly. Here are a few phrases that will come in handy.

Start with a simple 'Bonjour' . Then politely ask them in French if they speak English

Basic Conversation

Do you speak English?par-lay voo zon-glayParlez-vous anglais?
Excuse me/sorryex-koo-zay mwahExcusez-moi
Fine thanks and you?bee-ehn mer-see ay voo?Merci et vous?
Glad to meet youon-shohn-tayEnchanté
Good-byoh ruh-vwarAu revoir
Good eveningbon-swarBon soir
Good morning/good daybon-zhoorBon jour

Ordering in A Restaurant

Baconleh lahr, leh bah-kohnLe lard, le bacon
Beefleh buhfLe boeuf

Frog legslay kwees deh gre-new-yuhyLes cuisses de grenouilles

Goatlah sheh-vruhLa chèvre
Hamleh jahm-bohnLe jambon

Liverleh fwahLe foie

Chicken                                         leh poh leh                                              Le poulet

Bakedkweet oh foohrCuit au four
Burgundy styleAh lah boor-geehn-nyohnA la Bourguignon
Cooked in parchment paperehn pah-pee-yottEn papillotte
Cooked in puff pastry shellvhol oh vehnVol-au-vent
Cooked over a wood firekwee toh foo duh bwoiCuit au feu de bois
Creamed meat fixed in puff pastryvohl-oh-vahnvol-au-vent
Deep friedfreeFrit
Fixed with spinachfloh-rahn-teenFlorentine
In oilah l'weelA l'huiile
Lyon styleah lah lee-oh-nehzA la Lyonnaise
Mediumah-pwahnA point

Pan-sautéeda lah pwalA la poêle
Potting seasoned ground meat in a crockewn tai-reenUne terrine
Provencal styleproh-vahn-sahlProvençale
Steamedah la vah-poorA la vapeur
Stew of meat, red wine, onions and garlicdohbDaube
Very rareblewBleu
Well donebyahn kweeBien cuit

Trout lah tru-eetLa truite
Tunaleh tohnLe thon

Shrimplay kruh-vetLes crevettes

Duckleh ka-nahrLe canard
Pheasantleh fay-zanLe faisane
Pigeonleh pee-zhohnLe pigeon

Omelet with French-fried cheeseewn ohlm-let oh fro-mahjz freetune omelette au fromage frit
Omelet with trufflesewn ohlm-let oh troofune omelette aux truffes
Scrambledlayz uf bruy-yayOeufs brouillés


Rest roomsLeh twah-letLes toilettes

Tourist officeOh-feese deh tooh-reeh-someOffice de tourisme

Station platformLeh kayLe quai

TicketLeh bee-yaiLe billet

Tourist officeOh-feese deh tooh-reeh-someOffice de tourisme

A ticket to…..Uhn bee-yai poor….Un billet pour….

A one way ticketUhn bee-yai sahm-pleUn billet simple

A round trip ticket to….Uhn bee-yai dah-lay eh reh-toor poor….Un billet d’aller et retour to…

I don’t speak FrenchJehn parl pah frahn-sayJe ne parle pas français

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