What Do You Play On Your Wedding

If your answer is I don't know or I am not sure. Here is the guideline

1. Do your homework
 It is very important that if you want to have a live band, you hire a good band, not just looking at the latest promotion. Visit the band's website. Do not just look at what they have done but also look at the comments posted from the customers who have hired them.

2. Play safe
If you wanna play it safe, you hire wedding bands that you have seen playing before at another function.
That way you will never go wrong. You know the quality of the performance that they are going to give, and also roughly the song choices that they will make

3. Do not be scared to splurge
Next to the food, which is the most important aspect of the wedding for the guests; is the entertainment, and door gifts. If your main objective is to give good entertainment to your guests or let it be the talk of the town, you should be ready to spend. If your plan is for the bride and groom and the decorations to look pretty, then forget about point number 3.

4. Choose your songs
Most bands have a fixed playlist of songs that they usually play during an event. Do not be fooled. Request for the song list and go through it. Some will only have 10 songs on the list and they are hired for 3 hrs, and the rest of the songs will be played according to their own choices. That is not safe.You do not want a break up song, or a guy-cheating song, or a crazy rock song being played on that day. Some of the songs on the play list may not even be anything that we have heard of.

5. Make your own playlist
Write down the name of the songs that you would like to be played during the wedding. Then, show it to the band. Some professional bands can start practising the song even 2 weeks before the wedding.

Still no idea? Then head to number 6.

6. I do not know what songs that should play on my wedding.
If you are not blessed with creativity or you do not have the time to list down your favourite love songs. Here is a list for you

  • Just the way you are- Bruno Mars
  • LOVE- Frank Sinatra
  • Put your head on my shoulders- Michael Buble
  • Save the last dance for me- Michael Buble
  • Everything- Michael Buble
  • One in a million- Ne-yo
  • Mencintaimu- Kris Dayanti
  • Sama- sama - Maya Karin
  • Aku Cinta Padamu- Sheila Majid
  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
  • Marry you- Bruno Mars
  • Lucky- Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat
  • I have nothing- Whitney Houston
  • I will always love you- Whitney Houston
  • Endless Love- Whitney Houston
  • Stand by Me
  • Wei Yi- Wang Lee Hom
  • Kasih- Hetty Koes Endang
  • I wont give up- Jazon Mraz
  • Beautiful- Jason Mraz

Good Luck!

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