Monitoring your menstruation. Why shud u?

Menstruation is a monthly bleeding. It is the time of the month where the lining of the uterus, called endometrium is shed off, and then it regenerates;preparing for the next cycle. This process is regulated by the progesterone, oestrogen, FSH, LH. It is also influenced by psychological and social factors.

So most people have monthly periods at about the same time of the month. That we call as the 28 day or the 30 day cycle. This cycle is called a regular cycle. Some women have it 5 weekly or 6 weekly. It might mean another date in the following month, but if it happens in most months like so, it is still a regular cycle.

Irregular cycles are periods that are hay wire. Some ladies might end up with no menses for a whole month and then gets it 3 weeks later, then 2 weeks later, then 6 weeks later.

So which one is yours? Irregular or regular cycles?

After knowing if it is regular or irregular, a lady should know if she is having too long of a period or too heavy of a period.
Normal menstruation should last between 3- 7 days
Prolonged menstruation is anything more than 10 days.

Heaviest menstruation is usually from day 1 to day 3, at times associated with blood clots and menstrual cramps called dysmenorrhea.

So how do  you monitor all this? Are your menses normal?

I have been using a very goo Android application called "Woman Log". It helps me monitor all of these. 
You can even add in your own notes- heaviest day, pads used, most severe cramps etc.
It automatically calculates your ovulation day- ie the best day to get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy, once you have recognised your menstrual cycle.

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