Learn How to Read Your Palm

<p>Palmistry has existed centuries ago, and it is usual the man of wisdom in the Kingdom or anyone religious who will be privileged enough to learn it. In most communities, and a job is passed on to their children generations after generations. Hence the art of Palmistry also stays within the family, a talent other people cannot learn. <br></p>
<p>Nowadays there are many people who can claim that they too can read people's future by looking at the palm. Some charge for a fee giving readings at a company or even at the temples. Some do it for fun, and some just to terrorise the other person. </p>
<p>Some people say that these palm readings are true, and you should go by it fully. </p>
<p>I too have had my palm bring read by an aunt who does it for time pass. Only the doesn't share her readings with you she only keeps it to herself. She won't tell the misfortunes but she will only say 'Good hands', which makes you wonder, can she really read people's palms.? Or is she doing it to intimidate people </p>
<p>So I had my palm read.. The palm reader... Myself :) How did I do it? I found this app on android which many people have tried and said it was reliable.
So I have decided to give it a try. </u></p>

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