Chemical Peel - Are you willing to do it?

While thinking of what else to do with my face, since my skin problem is recurrent; I have decided to learn more about the skin treatment that dermatologists and beauticians usually recommend to me. 
Any damage , although temporary will take a very long time to recover; and you would want to take the lowest risk possible.

First and foremeost, go to a reputable clinic or beauty centre. Do not look only at the price offered. Anything that goes wrong is a higher price to pay than a' buy one free one' promotion. 
Do all your research about the procedure before going for a consultation, so you can clarify any doubts- indications, advantages, side effects.

So I visited the 'American Society of Plastic Surgeons' website, to know more about chemical peels
There are various types of peels, and they all work in different ways, depending on the problem and the severity of the skin.

It is usually recommended for those with uneven skin tone, acne, and aging skin to give a smoother, youthful complexion. So they have the 

Light chemical peel- gives the most subtle results, but will improve with more treatments
Medium chemical peel- for those with medium scarring, uneven pigmentation or wrinkles
Deep chemical peel- recommended for those with worse problems. The results will be dramatic, but at the same time; it will take a longer time for the skin to heal.

Side effects to the chemical peel

Of course the ones with deeper peel will give more severe side effects- that includes dryness and redness of the skin, and infrequently scarring.

*My experience was not this bad. Maybe this lady went for a deeper peel*

My experience for a chemical peel

My first chemical peel was done in 2010 under a very reputable dermatologist in Klang. He analysed my skin, and saw that I had many acne marks, and uneven pigmentation.

I was prescribed an "Ascorbic Acid Peel" which means Vitamin C Peel.

First, they cleaned up my face, removed the cosmetics, moisturiser etc
Then the assistant started applying layers and layers of the peel. The first layer was applied on and then left to dry. After 15 mins, the next layer was applied on. I think I had a total of 7- 10 layers applied on.
There was a fan blowing directly into my face, to make sure that the layers dry off before the subsequent ones.(It is clear liquid, and this is exactly how they did it, with a brush)

As the layers started to build up, I started feeling dryness and itchiness of the skin. This is a normal side effect. CAUTION: You cannot touch or scratch your face while the whole process is going on.

Then, you go home with a high spf sunblock. You have to avoid exposure to sunlight too. You should not sweat to much too as the sweat accumulated will be trapped under the peel and will appear as blobs on the face (like chicken pox).

After a few hours, you will notice that your complexion is going to start getting darker, and darker. You continue applying the sunblock, and hope one of the following days, the 'peel' will start to peel off.

You are not allowed to peel it off. Just let it happen naturally. Otherwise, you will leave more marks on the skin.

*This is exactly what I went through. So arrange for days off. You would not want to go to work looking like that*

I do see the difference after the peel, but to maintain that smooth youthful looking skin, you should continue the face care and facial treatment.


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