Review of the Shangri La Hotels - Malaysia

So in late September, I have had the chance to stay in Trader's Hotel Kuala Lumpur for a night and also her bigger sister's hotel ,the Shangri La Hotel. Both are located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, that makes it convenient for people to travel around. We are gonna start with their good then bad points.

I am not associated with any hotel review board, or am I affliated to other hotels and making this comments.

PLUS PLUS PLUS- Traders' Hotel.

  1. Transportation-There is a free ride from the hotel to KLCC.
  2. Facilities- Gym, Pool, Spa. Amazing facilities, couldn't ask for more.
  3. Sky Bar- The ever so happening place in KL is situated at the top of this hotel. Hence, making it easier to drop by and laze around and go back to the hotel room.
  4. Excellent Buffet Breakfast - I was very impressed with the spread of breakfast they had- Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, English. Reall enjoyed the food, the ambience. The most entertaining part was when there was one of their staff who performs his 'teh tarik' tricks at our table before serving us the tea.
  5. Very friendly staff-  Always ready to assist, and tries to accomodate to our needs.

MINUS MINUS MINUS- Traders' Hotel.

  1. Confusing lobby- It was my first time at the Trader's and was hoping to get to the reception at the ground floor. Then, I was redirected to the elevator to get to another floor.
  2. Small rooms- For the price we paid, slightly less expensive than the Shangri La, the room wasn't as big as was featured in the online booking. Not what was expected of a 4-star-hotel.
  3. Thread on the couch- So, we normally expect spick and span when we enter hotels like this, not seeing thread jutting out from the sofa or stickers of shirt sizes stuck on the wall, as if it was never checked before letting it be occupied by the next person. I also have to say that we asked for a non-smoking room, and the first thing we noticed about the room was cigarette smoke. But since there no other available rooms that day, we took up the room anyway and called for room service to come and SPRAY the room...Like Crazy!
  4. Small TV screen- Maybe it could have been something bigger.

PLUS PLUS PLUS- Shangri La Hotel

  1. Transportation- LRT is just opposite the place. Walking distance to the nightlife and clubs.
  2. Facilities- Similar to those in Traders'.
  3. Friendly staff- But I have to say, not as friendly as Traders'.
  4. Amazing room- This awards Shangri La the biggest point. The room was spacious, very organised, and everything was there. Loved the lay out, especially the many pillows on the bed.

MINUS MINUS MINUS- Shangri La Hotel.

  1. Buffet Breakfast- It was good, but it was not as great as it used to be 2 years back. If I'm not mistaken, they had a better spread before this. We didnt manage to switch places too. Our table was very close to the other couples sitting next to us, not giving us enough privacy to chat while eating.
  2. Car park- When we checked in, there was not enough car parks available, we went to the lowest level and we were asked to park at an unassigned slot; next to some ?sewage tank or something. It smelled like poo. But we had to park anyway. We had to close our noses and limit the breaths we take;and we had to walk really fast to get away from the smell. At night when we wanted to go out for dinner, there was no way we could get lost trying to find our car. Just follow the stinking odour!

I hope this guides you to choose between the two Shangri La sister hotels!. Have fun and please do leave a comment if you have something to say.


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