Fousey Tube

This is a guy brought up in the Middle Eastern way in the United States of America and now is a YouTube sensation

He started of making jokes about his own people. Just like how Russel Peters made his fame making funny jokes about the Indians, and then when he was more comfortable he moved on to making other jokes about everybody else.

Fousey is a name spelt backwards from his real name- Yesouf. I first came across his video when I was looking for  "S**t Asians Girls Say", "S**t Parents Say", "S**t Arabs Say", "S**t Nigerians Say".
It was really funny the first few videos then I decided to start subscribing to his channel

Shit Middle Eastern Guys Say

It is also a plus point that he is a cute bloke, and has got a great body, and has no problems making fun of himself

Shit Middle Eastern Girls Say

 Middle Eastern Parents- Ep. 1

I hope I have managed ot make more people fall in love with FouseyTube!!


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