Smurf's Village

I didn't grow up watchign Smurfs so much. It wasn't even in the list of top 10 favourite cartoons. I found the game Smurf Village by accident through the Android's Play Store. I was definitely looking for a mind- training game, that takes into account planning and strategies, but battle combat kinda stuff wasn't my thing anymore.

I have played Bakery Story, Sally's Salon and even Farmville on Facebook. Sally's Salon got me hooked up for quite a while until I completed it, and replaying it became boring. Bakery Story- no fun. In fact whenever I play it I get hungry thinking of desserts. Farmville was by the most addicting game for me. I wake up in the middle of the night to plant and harvest and adding new friends, even gave my account details to a friend to do the planting and harvesting for me while I was at work. Realising how hooked up I was, I decided to stop. ( Despite all those sleepless nights, I wasn't levelling up as fast).

So after a year of stopping Farmville, I found Smurf's Village. This time I got smarter. I looked for the cheats first after playing 2 levels. Turns out that we can cheat the time, and they cannot really do anything about it. That's one thing that works on my Samsung Note 2. Certain cheats put up on Youtube shows us on how to get smurfberries for free. I still  can't do that but being able to cheat time is already a big advantage.

Nowadays, I level up once  a week, which is pretty good for me. Not really being addicted to it and only cheating time every now and then, without cheating on the smurfberries.

I find that this game has actually helped me a lot in managing my life. Theses are the two most important aspects of my life that I have been able to deal with.
1. Multitasking- Right now I am handling 3 different villages. The primary village, the one on the island, and another one up on the mountains.
2.Prioritizing- Initially when I started my priorities were making enough money so that I will be able to buy more things and XP- sandbox, play ground stuff. I also had to choose which plant will give me the most coins and XP together. As I am able to generate automatic income with the sandboxes. I have them switched my game to planting crops that gave more XP rather than money- magical blueberiees and raspberries.

At least now I know, games are never bad for the children. Not like what my parents thought it was. When I went to university, I was so shocked to see the number of students then who were still into video games and board games. At first I thought, wow they never grew up. Turns out, games are not just for kids.

I am at level 28 now. Add me on FB: Gorgeously Flawless

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