Halal Dim Sum Review

Dim Sum is gaining it's popularity among the Muslims. Initially Chinese food was the road less travelled for most Muslims fearing the 'halal'-ness of the food. Now Halal Chinese shops can easily survive the market. I was first introduced to dim sum at 11 years old. Totally loved it. We siblings would crave for it like crazy. The thing is before, dim sum means dressing up to go to the hotel, because those were the only places that served halal food. Now it is everywhere, especially with the growing population of people living in multiracial families and communities. We somehow need a place to gather, and dim sum is a must delicacy.

I'm gonna be reviewing to restaurants that are famous for it's dim sum in KL. One located in Bukit Kiara- the China Treasures in Sime Darby Convention Centre and the other near KLCC- Minmax Restaurant.


1. Not difficult to find, a household name for most KL-ites, especially the elite.
2. They also have this kitchen walled by glass, so if you want to have a closer look on how they prepare the dim sum, you are welcomed to sit by the kitchen
3.  For special occasions, eg, CNY  , they bring in entertainment for the kids . That time when I was around, a balloon master dressed as a clown, gave us all something to bring home.
4. Service is pretty fast.
5. Great ambience
6. Good fresh food
7. Parking is free

1. It is most of the time packed, so reservations here is essential. I have come here once only to be turned away as the tables were all fully booked.
2. Staff do judge the customers. They do not look genuine to serve you if you do not fit that certain cookie cutter.If you are coming in a big family and you look rich then the service is different. If you are coming in as a couple or with friends who do not look 'elite' enough you do feel that the air is slightly different. Service may not be as fast, and they do not really bother filling up your chinese tea cup or your glass of water. If you are coming in with a kwailo, naturally it is all regal.
3. Price: RM68++


1. It is so close to KLCC, Ampang Park. You can run errands, hang out during your weekend in the city, and still enjoy a good dim sum.
2. Service is faster

1. Ambience is poor. It tries hard to look exclusive, but it isn't
2. The captain that day was definitely a judgemental person, I was bringing a few international clients, who unfortunately were not kwailos. So, probably he would have thought I was providing some other 'services'. He was not very welcoming. Even command of English was not that good, so either he was blatantly rude or that was because of his poor command of English tht he appeared tht way
3. Despite having a fast service, there's not so much of ettiquete being emphasized to the waitresses. There are expectations to be met when a restaurant is located in a prime area, paying parking to feast. This is like going to any kopitiam to eat. My waitress had dots of 'ubat jerawat' on her face while serving. I got a shock.
4. Confusing directions to the restaurant. Minmax is situated in a luxury condominium complex, and there are 2 parking entrances to it. If you are a first timer ( including your group of friends), most probably you will have to ask for directions to get to the restaurant. So if you get in the wrong parking area, you will have to come out to the lobby, make a round to the other side to get there. There is no connecting area to the restaurant, and to know that you would have to ask the reception because I didn't see the signage in the lift.
5. There is a parking fee. For less than 2 hrs , it was around RM3.50

I've been to China Treasures now for about 5 times, and Minmax twice. I have stopped going to Minmax despite the food being cheaper than China Treasures because of their service The quality of the service, polished staff and good food, far surpassed Minmax, that I am willing to go out of my way  or pay more just to be there.
Minmax I would go there if there was a gathering and that someone is paying. If it was up to me, no more Minmax. Then again, if I find a place that doesn't have that double standard that China Treasure's staff are looking for; with equally good food although slightly expensive, I would leave China Treasure's too.

Overall scores:

China Treasures: ***
Minmax **

China Treasures: ****
Minmax ***

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