Wondermilk Cupcakes

It has been months since I've been craving for cupcakes. I am a big fan of desserts. I can go on for weeks without a proper balanced meal. My dessert can substitue my meals. I memang suka sangat chocolates, ice cream and cakes. I would go to great lengths just to taste the best! That's how much dessert mean to me.

So finally I pun pergi to taste the supposedly best cupcakes in town. So I downloaded this Android App on my phone, called Cafes in KL. It lists down most cafes, with it's branches' addresses.

After lunch, I decided I'd go to Wondermilk in Publika. Mind you, I have not been to Wondermilk in my life, never tasted their cupcakes and do not know how the cupcakes actually look like. But I know there is this craze that comes with their cupcakes.

I pun pergilah kat Wondermilk. Mase sampai, quite terkejut la sebab die kecik je. I thought I salah tempat.
Then I saw the cupcakes. I had always imagine the cupcakes would be bigger. Bukan minicupcakes.
There were at least a dozen flavours yang kite boleh pilih.

And just like Donuts, kite boleh amik an assortment of them and package it in the box. I bought a box of 4, which was RM 17 i think.

Flavours that I chose were: Red Velvet- that's always a must, Rocky Road, Choc Chip with Love written on top, and Salty Caramella.

Reviews on the cupcake.

My first experience with a Red Velvet was at the Starbucks- Wow, tak bes. Sampai I fobia nak makan red velvet takut tak sedap lagi. Desserts are supposed to make you happy bukan sebaliknya. Then berbulan I tak makan red velvet, sampai one of my friends told me that red velvet memang tak sedap. Die suruh pergi try tempat tempat lain. So the second one I tried was in Tony Roma's. It was a combo of 3 different desserts that you can hand pick. Red Velvet die was awesome! So I thought a cupcake place will definitely top that off, sebab memang kedai buat cupcake pun. Too bad Wondermilk's didn't impress me at all.

Oklah Wondermilk punye version. Although I expected more nuts. As it is, Rocky pun name die.
A bit disappointed because it didn't taste quite of this world.

I got the cupcake with the word love written on top. at first dressed with red butter cream. Tu pun ok-ok je lah. Lepas makan terkejut!. All the red coloring melekat kat jari. Kene basuh banyak kali baru hilang.

This was by far my favourite. Topping die yang buat sedap la. Consistency of the cupcakes a bit dry and kurang rase. I didn't know what I was really tasting la.

The presentation of the cupcake is great. I expected a classier cup for the cakes since they are charging quite a bit for a minicupcake. But all in all, the winner for me is mane yang rase sedap sangat. Conclusion for me, I wouldn't eat another Wondermilk Cupcake unless orang bagi I free la. Not worth it for a drive from Puchong all the way to Publika just for dessert.

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