Back Treatment Experience- Part 2

I have just gotten back from my 2nd session of the back treatment.

All done in the name of acne scars. The good news is my scars are lightening up  ( also with the help of the Vitamin C and Collagen Injection by Roche)

So I had the usual procedure as the first session, up to the extraction. Then there were other stuffs included in the procedure

1. Aloe Vera Gel- This is suppose to help the skin heal faster and rebuild its layers.
2. Ion Gas- This was like small pricks of current being channeled to the back to reduce the harm done to the skin especially at the areas of extraction and acne areas.
3. She then applied a massaging oil and to release the tension at the shoulder areas and back
4. Once done, like the face, the skin on the back is cleansed, toned and moisturised. I myself am still getting the hang of it. 
5. Then a masque is put on the back, layered with a wrap and was asked to lie down for about an hour till it sinks in.
6.Final step, masque removed, a few more gentle massages and I was good to go.

My next session is in another month for the back treatment.

Advise: If you have acne prone skin on the back, try not to shower with hot water. Cold water is always better.


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