Buy Ginkgo to Boost Your Mind?

This topic of conversation came across when a friend of mine  had just come back from the pharmacy with recommendations of buying Ginkgo Capsules. Prior to that, she was already persuaded to buy Garlic Pearls. Because of the persistent recommendations from the pharmacist, she didn't know anymore is this really to help her or is the pharmacy just trying to make money out of her. And another thing that terrified her more was the label outside the "Ginkgo" box that said. "Caution: Might cause bleeding"

As far as I know, Ginkgo is like food to the brain, to make those brain cells more active, for better memory retention, and to prevent dementia. Did not know anything about the bleeding.

I did a little research myself from WebMd. It is quite a reputable website both for layman and medical professionals, especially doctors who want to be able to get their message across in a simpler way to their patients.

Ginkgo is an antioxidant, just like Garlic. It says here that there is no strong conclusion to if Ginkgo can actually boost memory or thinking speed. Some studies says yes, some say no.
It is also supposed to have with dementia, mainly artherosclerotic in origin. Meaning Ginkgo actually helps with vascular causes of problems too light leg pain. Both simply with the fact that they reduce the clog in the arteries. That makes sense.Might cause bleeding. This supplement has also been said to reduce PMS symptoms.

So my friend's question was

 'Is it safe for her husband who has got a heart problem to take it?'

If he is on aspirin/ warfarin or any other anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications, asking the doctor who usually sees him would be the best step. If Ginkgo is also doing the same thing to the body, it migh also cause bleeding as cautioned on the label

Her following question is

 'If  it was safe to be given to her children?'

Of course it is, provided they do not have any vascular/ clotting disorder problems that will cause them to bleed- like Hemophilia or Christmas' Disease. For that, consult your doctor again.
If there are some studies that say, it can actually help then there is no harm taking it. If they become smarter and brighter. It however does not reduce the risk of getting dementia.

There is no way we can find Ginkgo in our daily food. It is purely gotten from the Ginkgo leaves, which are then processed.

Amy, if you're reading this hope it now clears your doubts!


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