aMeRiCaN IdOL--- YaY or Nay

American Idol is back with  Season 12! That means it has been around for 12 Freaking years.

I remember the first time we had our own Malaysian Idol which only lasted for 1 season.

AI has changed judges for a few times, and the batch of judges are now
Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson. Randy is the only remaining original judge on the show. I do not know how they have decided on the 3 other judges but I'm guessing a lot of research has gone in to agreeing to invite these :


Been around in the industry for a more than 20 years. Watched her changed from a proportionate shy looking girl to this voluptuous I'd-like-to-show-off-my-assets lady. She has been quiet from the industry for a few years, concentrating on building a family with Nick Cannon. She's given birth to a set of twins Roc&Roe. No recent albums. Recent news are only about the babies, her husband, her family live, her anniversary. 

On set:
She looks like the one who is being attacked always by the other lady, and is taking the comments profesisonally. But she did a good job in making more publicity for the AI when she said 'I feel threatened on the show and I will need to have more security around me and my babies'.


Keith who? Keith Urban. He is Nicole's Kidman husband. In case you were wondering about the slang, he is Australian, just like Hugh Jackmann. He is a country singer,very low profile, shows himself only during red carpet events next to Nicole. I personally have not heard any of his songs.

On set: 
He has a great smile, very soft spoken, and Im guessing all the gay contestants secretly has a crush on him. To those who don't they would die to have his soft flowy hair. He should sit next to Nicki for the rest of the show, because he seems to be the only one who could calm her down.


This is a rapper, turned pop+hiphop singer, who started off wearing hip hop-ghetto style of clothing and was rebranded to look like a barbie. She admits to having many alter egos (Some British lady, a gay boy, and Nicki) that comes out in her different songs or when her emotions run wild. She was nobody really until her 'Superbass' hit the mainstream with her barbiedoll like image and video clip. Rumoured to have breast and butt implants to reach stardom. She is a super super millionaire now, and all the boys and girls also want to be her

On set: 
You will be able to see how many contestants who will say 'Nicki, I worship you!', 'I adore you!', 'I'm in this because of you!'. She is supposed to be Simon Cowell's   replacement. The only thing, she is not funny, and remains dramatic. Earlier in the auditions, she was potrayed as the girl who doesnt agree with anything that Mariah Carey has to say, rolls her eyes when she doesn't agree with anyone, and even leaves the set in the middle of auditions.


This is the man who has been known to be the coolest guy on the team, of course until last season when the Aerosmith fella joined in.  Despite being older, his whacky fashion sense and better appreciation of the artist and music overshadowed Randy for a bit. This season he has to regain his coolness with using more 'dawgs' in his sentences

On set:
He is the 'leader' of the pack, especially during interviews and deliberation (when Nicki does not interfere).
He is the more neutral guy who has more difficulty in saying no in a bad way. 
As a whole, is the same old same old Randy.

I do not know for sure if whatever they are putting on TV is a real drama between all the judges especially the two ladies, or are they just doing it for the show. As you all know, their rating have done down by another 20-25% last season. So they definitely need something new and fresh to get the ratings up again ( Thanks to 'The Voice' who have won the audience by the concept itself, the amazing judges plus trainors and the group dynamics.

TO ME, American Idol is a Nay.


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