Ultimate Harlem Shake Compilation 2013

After the PSY fever with Gangnam Style, the next wave is called Harlem Shake.

What is it all about?

Some people started it off in the 1990s. That's when the original song came out. And then people made it popular through Youtube sometime around January 2013. The Navy, Army, Crooks, Middle Eastern People, House Bunnies, even Veterans have joined in this new sensation.

It starts off with one person wearing a helmet or a headgear moving his body in a crowd. Everybody pretends that nothing weird is happening and continues on doing their usual. Once the beat starts, everybody freestyles or do any crazy thing they want to do. When the beat drops, everybody slows down and stops.

Here is a compilation of the best Harlem Shakes around. Check it out!

For you animal lovers, here's a little something something from the Walrus and Sea Lions of the San Antonio's SeaWorld!


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