Top 10 Things The Youth Of Our Generation Wants!!

What do the young people nowadays equate to success ?

1. Get a glamorous job that pays well

Chavich Kim and Christopher Kim

2. Be seen with an iPhone/iPad

3.. Be hip and happening, hopefully the ultimate socialite.

4. Buy a show-stopping car

5. Own expensive clothes, accessories and be seen wearing them

6. Eat or hangout at the to-be-seen places

7. Travel the world and post it on Facebook

map of United Kingdom

8. To have a credit card/cards to be able to pay for the lifestyle.

9. Have a partner/husband.

10. Invest

Of course the list varies for different people, depending on what they already have and what they have already gained. It also depends on their priorities. 

It's not easy being the younger generation nowadays. Even if you do not plan to be included into the rat race, you will be dragged into one either by your circle of friends, parents or your own siblings.
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