A Doctor's Poem

Prayer to the Ancestors

O heavenly ancestors,
Shower me with you eternal wisdom,
As i tread this treacherous path,
Venturing into horizons anew,
For I am,
Uninitiated and unperturbed,
Valiant yet vociferous,
Quivering but wisfully quiescent,
Patient but mortally perishable.

And so I march,
These ungodly domains remain in humble sight,
And should I fall at my final step,
Forsake me not,
But resurrect me into your inexisting,
Inextinguishable glory.

- Dr AAK-

This poem was written by a dear friend of mine, who is a medical doctor. He writes about his challenges in his daily work in giving the best care to those who want and those who also do not want to be helped.
He is so devoted to his profession that he is summarising it all by saying
'Will fight till the end'.

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