Di mana saya beli tudung atau shawl online

Hari tu untuk wedding brother saye, saye terlampau sibuk untuk bershopping tudung, sampai saya rase,okaylah beli online je lah

So how did I find my tudung yang I suke online. 

1. Type in type of tudung or shawl.
Moon shawl, bawal shawl, satin shawl, princess crown tudung bawal, queen crown tudung bawal, tudung aryani, pearl haya.

2. Type in the colour of the tudung or shawl.

3. Type the following in the google malaysia search and add buy online.
Eg:  Buy tudung bawal  pelangi online.

4. Open the websites listed in the first 10 pages in new tabs.
Eg: radisuite, iluvtudung, jelitasara, zalora,lechantique,bawalovers, mymairacollection.

5. Go through all the websites and look at all the patterns and prices. 
You should do this sebab susah sgt nak cari website yang sebenarnye jual lagi tudung tu. Most of the tudungs would be sold out and you have to pre-order. Some websites will provide free delivery service, while some will charge. So it is important to compare and not just look for one.

6. Look at the comments of the website visitors.
Some would be previous customers who would have had bad or good experiences with the seller. Very important to know who you are dealing with.

7. Wait for the delivery. 
If you like their service, go back to them.

*** If you have problems trying to learn new styles of wearing the hijab, shawl or tudung, search on youtube for the tutorial. Many Malaysians are also on it now, showing the many ways of wearing it.

Hope this helps!


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