Makan Reviews Sate Samuri Kajang

My next makan journey is to endure in sate. One if the Malaysian food that people usually forget about. They say the best is sate Samuri and for that, you shouldn't just go to their branches. You should go to where it all first started - Kajang

I have been to their branches in Bangi, Senawang and Awan Besar and the concept is pretty much the same. Unlike other usual restaurants. This restaurant do not have waiters to wait for your order. Instead you queue up. Order, pay and bring ur own ketupat and  peanut sauce to the table. Imagine Mc Donalds and KFC. Then ur drinks come later on, the sate comes a few minutes later. But because the service is really fast, unlike the other fast food joints, I get cold food. Simply because it is already ready I guess. the Awan the Besar and Bangi branch serves fresh sate by the way.
The reason that I wanted to go to the main branch is t find out if the beef here will be more tender, service to be more humane, and the greatness of this main branch.

As for the ambiance, it is a dark place if you are sitting inside. For a very reputable branch you would expect that they would be generous on their lighting. Rather than like just sitting in a bulk normal food court. After all what we eat is influenced by the what we can see, hence the importance of presentation. Wasn't expecting that from a main branch. Service was fast, but there was no genuinity. Not sure if these workers are overworked. Operating hours are from 10am til 1am on weekdays. It was only 1pm and they were walking like zombies. Very technical. 

As for the beef, it wasn't tender here either. I have been to road side stalls in Klang, Asia Cafe in Puchong, and R&K satay in Seremban. They definitely have more tender beef meet.
Below is the bill of the food we had for 3 people. I personally think it wasn't worth the drive. I would advise those sate lovers to stick going to the branches only, if you don't live in Kajang.
Food: **

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