Singapore (4)- Halal Food for Ramadhan- Singaporean Hotels

Call it buka puasa, breaking fast or iftar. It is the time in Ramadhan where Muslims honestly splurge to it. If you think once a month is a reason. This is a reason for a weekly feast. It is easy to do that in Malaysia, but not very in Singapore.

So for that, I am giving you the list of hotels that offer Iftars.

1. Carousel @ Royal Scotts Hotel
Tel: +6567377966
Usually, the come up with Taste of Spain theme during this holy month of Ramadan. Buffet for dinner is SGD$70-90.

2. Tiffany @ Furama City Centre Hotel
405 Havelock Rd  Singapore 169633
Tel +6563338898  
Their price for the iftar is SGD$ 60-70

3. Kintamani Indonesia Restaurant @ Furama Riverfront Hotel
Tel: +6567396463
Their price is SGD$50-60 and that include a free flow of the irrestible Es Bandung.

4. Straits Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt Hotel.
TEL:    +6567381234, 
It serves International Buffet

5. Asian Market Cafe @ Fairmont Singapore. 
80 Bras Basah Rd
It serves a Asian Buffet

6. Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin
Superbowl Development Marina Square  Singapore 039594
It serves International Buffet


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