Singapore trip- (1) Shopping


It was a very short trip, and with thoughts of unwinding and doing it little bit of shopping. In case you guys didn't know, it is school holidays now in Singapore together with Summer Sales! With discounts up to 70 percent, the malls are filled with people.

ESPRIT had a wide range of clothes on sale. So did Marks and Spencers. You can get a pair of jeans for Sing 30. The biscuits were also on sale. Didn't really check the prices in Malaysia, but comparing with London prices about a month ago, the same blouse in Singapore is RM200 more. Even the milk chocolate digestive biscuits here were 3 x more expensive. In London, it was only 99p.

For those Cotton On lovers, I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with range of products on offer. Clothes, shoes, undergarments, stationary the etc. FOREVER 21 was not disappointing as well.
As for the more branded products like GUCCI, PRADA, COACH, none were on sale. As for Uniqlo, it is about the same price as the branch  in KLCC.

I have also found another place to buy electronics this trip, and other than from the Suncity. It is called the Naranjan Int Mobile Pte Ltd. Found out about it frm a local friend in Singapore. It is located at the 158 Race Course Rd. It is definitely a popular place known among foreigners and tourists. This shop has gotten reviews even on Trip Advisor. They sell a range if products from mobile phones to televisions with international warranty. My friend bought an S3 for Sing 530 instead of Sing 700- the price marketed in the Samsung shops here. I also checked for the phone price on Malaysian RM 1400-1700.

Conclusion is, not everything is cheap, and not everything is expensive. Homework needs to be done before going anywhere out of the country :)

Hope this helps you enjoy your Singapore trip soon. hurry before the sales is over!


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